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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lil Diva Weekly Wrap-up - Earth Day Fun (4/15/12-4/22/12)

Happy Earth Day!
How are you celebrating with your kids today?

We are headed out to a science museum to explore
& watch an IMAX movie on polar bears (my FAVE animal!).
I will tell you about it in tomorrow's post.

This week we have spent a lot of time talking about ways
we can keep the earth clean and the animals safe.
The Lil Divas have floored me on more than one occasion
with their insights and heartfelt ideas. I'm a proud Mama.

Here's what we've been up this week:
(in case you missed any of it!)

turn your TRASH into ART!

We focused on simple earth appreciation
by becoming Nature Explorers

We also shared our fun
(I love looking out our cheerful, colorful windows!)

We had a GREAT week!
Coming up we will be focusing on

Look at our special new friends! 
Our caterpillars just arrived this weekend
the Lil Divas are super excited to watch them
transform into Painted Lady Butterflies!

Have a FANTASTIC week
POSH friends!



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