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Friday, April 20, 2012

ABC Fun E is for Earth - Crafts, Phonics & Writing Activities for Preschool

It's been awhile since I have shared some of our ABC Book fun! I have promised myself that I would get back to doing that so that my Preschool Diva & I can finish her Alphabet Book before she starts Kindergarten ;)

Since this week has been all about celebrating our amazing planet,
it seemed fitting to add Ee is for Earth to our Alphabet Book.  

E is for Earth Alphabet Book Craft

I made large block letter E and e onto cardstock
and the Littlest Diva set out to make them look like the earth.

We used watercolor paints for this activity (that's what she chose)
but there are lots of fun possibilities with this activity.
You can use markers, crayons, dot markers, tissue paper or even
make a mosaic with construction paper or play dough.

She was so excited to show off her finished painting!

To complete our masterpiece for the ABC book,
we cut out both letters and glued them onto black construction paper
(she said it looked like the night sky)
and then used a white crayon to add some stars.

The finished product was adorable &
it makes a wonderful addition to our Alphabet book!

(short vowel) Letter e Scavenger Hunt

We spent some time practicing the (short vowel) letter e sound.
Of course, I always have to make things fun so I sent
the Littlest Diva off on a scavenger hunt to find as many
items as she could in 5 minutes that started with the e sound.

She had a great time & it was a fun way to review with her.

Letter Ee Handwriting Practice
I put a little bit of blue and green paint into a ziploc baggie
and let the Littlest Diva practice finger writing both
uppercase and lowercase letter Ee. 

Thanks for joining us for our Preschool Alphabet Fun!



  1. Bern,
    This is SO awesome! Love all of the ideas for E is for Earth. Pinning. :)


  2. Great idea. I have added Ziploc bag to my shopping list! x

  3. I love the idea of an alphabet book! xx

  4. Lovely ideas for learning the letter E. My daughter is really into letters at the moment and she'd love to practice writing them like that! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. such great stuff! So hands on! As a teacher I totally support phonics learning, and as a mama, I adore the way you are supporting their learning! Love it all.

  6. These are all such fun ideas! The finger writing zip lock bags are great.

  7. The best thing about all of these activities is how you've combined them! I love the repetition, carryover, and use of all modalities. Fantastic!

  8. using sand is a great way also!


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