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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2014: Week 1

I can hardly believe we have had our Elf on the Shelf Scout Elf, Jack, for 4 adventurous years! I didn't share too many of his escapades the past 2 years because elf shenanigans were everywhere you looked. 

The other day I realized that our elf years are numbered (my girls are almost 9 and 7.5 years old) and I needed to embrace and capture these wonderful childhood memories being made with the Lil Divas. So, this year I will share some our elf escapades but I'll compile it into one weekly post so it doesn't overwhelm anyone - including me. I don't remember to take photos each night but it will be nice to put all the ideas and photos in one easy place. 

Week One:

Jack always arrives promptly on Thanksgiving night. The Lil Divas eagerly await his arrival. This year was no different. They were up before the sun to see if he had made it back to us. He did!

This year, Jack arrived with a gift. 
A cute Christmas movie for us to enjoy together - A Golden Christmas.
(no pic sorry)

He likes to remind us Christmas is just around the corner.
As if we'd forget with 2 excited girls in the house.

Jack gifted the Lil Divas with their first Barbie Advent Calendar
to help us count down the days till Christmas.

Jack misses the snow while he's visiting us here in FL
so he got some friends together and cut some coffee filter snowflakes.

The following day we caught Jack, Frosty & Lalaloopsy 
in the act of having a snowball fight. 
Thankfully, no cotton balls were hurt 
in the play being had by these 3 silly amigos. :)

He hangs out in our Christmas tree. I don't mind too much, 
except I wish he wouldn't move our decorations.

The best surprise yet was finding our very own Elf on the Shelf Pets Reindeer under the tree! Santa sent him to the Lil Divas to fill him up with love, hope and belief in Christmas magic so that on Christmas Eve he may help guide his sleigh.
The Lil Divas named him Jingles. A fitting reindeer name for sure.

They were soooooooo excited! 

Do you have an elf on the shelf?
What elf adventures has your elf been on so far?

I'd love to see so please comment below 
and leave a link to your photos or ideas.

Happy Elf on the Shelf-ing!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dunkin Donuts DD Perks: FREE Coffee, Super Savings & a Convenient Way to Pay!

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dunkin’ Brands. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As a busy teacher and mom my fast-paced mornings (and sometimes afternoons) require coffee to get me going. I am a DD girl - through and through. My local Dunkin' Donuts store employees know my order as soon as they see me - large iced coffee w/caramel swirl, skim milk and sugar. Yes, the skim milk makes me feel better about that decadent caramel swirl which I can not do without. It's just so good!

Making 1 and sometimes 2 trips a day to DD for coffee and the occasional donut (I do have 2 girls in tow on most occasions) as a loyal customer does add up.  Dunkin' Donuts knows that loyal customers like me deserve to get something back. Dunkin' Donuts launched their rewards program, DD Perks, in January 2014 to reward customer loyalty with points towards every dollar spent. Currently, guests earn 5 points for every dollar spent when you pay using an enrolled Dunkin' Donuts card, either plastic or via the ever so easy and super convenient app which I personally love. Once you accrue 200 points (I manage to do this quite quickly/often)  you earn a FREE beverage of choice. Can you say "FREE iced coffee" for this girl, YAY! Who doesn't love FREE

I started using the DD Perks mobile app this summer and have never looked back. I don't know why I didn't start sooner - it was easy to sign-up and super easy to use.  It makes paying so fast and easy. I simply show them my phone, they scan it and we're done. Perfect for those of us always on the go and running short on time. They recently started auto-reload (my 1 and only complaint before - Yay, they heard my cries!) so now you never have to worry about how much is available on your balance. You set your desired re-load amount and you're always ready to pay via the app and earn those rewards. Another added value to using the DD Perks app is that they give you valuable coupons which are geared towards your preferences (so that it's relevant for each loyal customer).  FREE coffee, valuable coupons, an easy way to pay and auto-reload - what's not to LOVE? I {heart} DD Perks

So, why am I sharing my unabashed love of DD and DD Perks with you today? Aside from the fact that I am obviously a DD fangirl (I'm not ashamed to admit it), during December 1st thru December 5th you can enroll in DD Perks using the unique Promo Code BLOG to earn a $5 enrollment bonus on your card! How can I NOT share that with you? It's a bonus $5 for your fave DD products. This offer is only valid Dec 1 - Dec 5th so be sure to enroll now to receive this special offer

Happy Coffee Drinking & DD Perk-ing!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Easy and Fun Turkey in Disguise Projects

Turkey in Disguise Projects. They are everywhere this time of year. The Little Divas had to complete them for school too but we were short on time so I begged them not to dream up elaborate disguises. In previous years they have disguised their turkeys as rock stars, the Statue of Liberty and dressed one up to showcase our heritage. This year I told them - NO PEOPLE! I had them think of an object we could turn the turkey into that would only need items we had readily on hand like paper, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, etc.

Instantly, the Littlest Diva says "popcorn". I start to shake my head to nix the idea, then I think - yellow tissue paper. I tell her she can crumble yellow tissue paper into balls and make it look like popcorn. Inwardly, I'm thinking, this isn't going to be pretty but it's her idea and she can do it herself so I give her the paper and let her make balls to her hearts content. The Oldest Diva decides to chime in and informs her little sister that she needs a bucket. "Yes! A bucket - I need a bucket mommy. Like when we eat popcorn at the movies and I'll put the popcorn on top and only leave his eyes peeking. That will be so funny. "  It turned out adorable and it really is funny but best of all - it was all hers! I helped her make lines on her bucket at her request but she did all the work because it was super simple. She was beyond proud of her project.

The Oldest Diva decided she wanted to make a gum ball machine. This one was easy but slightly more involved than the popcorn because she had a specific shape/look in mind. She looked up some photos to find a match for her mental image, found a style she liked and we made it out of construction paper. I had to help her draw the basic shape but she outlined it, cut it out and added the details. Once we had our base, the Oldest Diva cut out lots of small multi colored circles to use as gum balls. The gum balls hid the turkey really well because the turkey template had a nice round body.

Didn't they turn out super cute? 

Did your child(ten) or students have a Turkey in Disguise project?
What disguise(s) did you use?

Have fun disguising those turkeys!