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Friday, May 20, 2011

Butterfly Symmetry Art

Here’s a great butterfly art project that is not only fun but also reinforces creativity, fine motor skills and the concept of symmetry.

Books We Read:

Butterfly Symmetry Painting

What You Need:
Large Butterfly Template
paints in various desired colors

What To Do:

1. Fold Butterfly template in half & have child paint design only on one side (half the butterfly) - encourage the use of lots of paint (this makes it easier for the design to transfer onto the other side)

The Oldest Diva decided to make a Monarch Butterfly - her favorite.

She really wanted it to look just like a Monarch so she requested to use one of our books with a picture of a Monarch to work from.

She was so serious about this - look at the level of concentration on her cute lil face!

I was very impressed with her attention to detail!

The Littlest Diva decided to do her own thing & make a rainbow butterfly! :)

2. Once the design has been painted - close the butterfly & press down to transfer paint from one half to the other.

The Littlest Diva really liked this part - she said it felt squishy!

3. Voila! Your awesome symmetrical butterfly is complete.

Didn't they turn out awesome? Love them - the Lil Divas did such a great job!

A furthur look into the concept of symmetry:

Drawing Lines of Symmetry - The Oldest Diva & I worked on this sheet together using a ruler - she enjoyed working with the ruler and caught on rather quickly.

Pattern Block Butterfly - while I worked w/the Oldest Diva the Littlest Diva worked on this pattern block butterfly

Of course the Oldest Diva had to get in on the fun eventually but she wanted to make it "harder" (her words)  so she decided to use the template as a picture guide. She did a great job.

What projects have you done to introduce the concept of symmetry to your child(ren)?

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  1. Thanks so much for joining us for the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! I hope you have fun stalking around! :)

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  2. cant wait to make the butterflies!

  3. You, are on a roll this week! So many great posts! The symmetry butterflies turned out sooo well! My son hasn't quite understood yet that a butterfly is the same on both sides, this would be a perfect craft for him!

    Maggy x

  4. Very great learning. I am sharing this on Thursday at my next blog party!

  5. Thank you for this idea! My 7yo grandson (home-schooled) is studying butterflies right now. I'm in charge of art lessons for him and the symmetry exercise and butterfly project will be perfect!

    Also wow so many spam comments up there...

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