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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Puppy Dog Valentine Mailbox

The Oldest Diva had to make a mailbox for her school valentines. After much discussion, which mostly involved me trying to reign in her elaborate ideas (Hmm, I wonder where she gets that from?) we settled on a 
Puppy Dog Mailbox

She is quite pleased with how it turned out, though her 1 and only complaint was she wanted it bigger. Unfortunately, I did not have a larger box that would work. They were all small or strangely shaped for a dog, so she had to make due (ah, the horror) with a tissue box.

1. I covered the tissue box with brown construction paper.

2. The ears, nose, feet and tail are made of dark brown foam cut into heart shapes. 

3. The face is made of 2 heart shapes - 1 large cardboard heart and 1 smaller construction paper heart. 

4. The mailbox flag is a large craft stick. I took a piece of index card and glued the craft stick inside, leaving space on the bottom to fit a brass fastener. I added a bone cut out on top as the flag. To get it working I simply made a hole into the tissue box and using a brass fastener affixed the flag so that it ca move up and down. 

5. We decorated the box with heart stickers and wrote Happy Valentine's Day on one side and the Oldest Diva's name on the other side.

Did you & your kids make a mailbox?
What did you design?



  1. It turned out really cute Bern! :)Love the little bone flag!

  2. that dog that you made is really good

  3. Puppy love!! You’ve been featured on 30 Incredible Tissue Box Crafts – Thanks!


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