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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play to Learn: Pizza Party! A Sight Word Review Game

It's time to Play to Learn!
Today, let's play Pizza Party. I used Pizza Party as a sight word review game but it can be easily adapted to fit your specific needs.

This was really easy to set-up. 

What You Need:
white paper plates
construction paper

What To Do:
1. Draw a pizza slice on the paper plate & color.

2. Use colored construction paper to cut out toppings -
we used red pepperoni, green broccoli and brown mushrooms.

3. Write target sight words on the toppings.

4. Place toppings face down on a plate.

How To Play:
1. Taking turns each child will turn over 1 topping at a time and read the word.

2. If the word is read correctly - place the topping on the pizza.
If the word is read incorrectly - it goes back onto the topping plate.

3. Continue to play until 1 child has the target number of toppings 
on their pizza (we used 6 because it best fit our pizza).

4. Once you have a inner, take all toppings off your pizza & play again.

This game was a hit!
The Lil Divas played Pizza Party over & over again. 

Other Ways to Play:
You can use this game to practice/review:
- letter recognition
- number recognition
-addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts
- vocabulary
& more

Can you think of other ways that this game can be used?

Note: This is great for 1 player or small groups and it can easily be stored in a ziploc baggie or large envelope making it perfect for use in the classroom as well as at home. I gave each Lil Diva her own set of target sight words so it was very individualized. This could easily be done for different levels/groups as well.

Have a great Pizza Party!


  1. I love this game and am thinking about making it using felt. Sharpie markers would write the target words very well on the felt.

    1. I wanted to make it using felt but didn't have any at the time - it would be awesome. I hope you get to make it and be sure to come back and share with me.

  2. The munchkin and I are going to play this game this week! Thanks for the idea!

    Teaching Munchkins

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