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Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day 2012 - To The Arctic & Science Museum Fun

To celebrate Earth Day we went to our local Museum of Discovery and Science. It really is a wonderful place full of hands-on discovery & learning!

What I wanted to do most (& what we did) was to watch To the Arctic - an amazing IMAX nature documentary about global warming's effect on the Arctic ice cap and how the heat and melting are affecting the animals that live there.

The Lil Divas were mesmerized by the Mama polar bear and her two cubs.
What an amazing relationship to witness and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed when my Littlest Diva turned to me and said,  "Mommy, she loves her babies and protects them like you do to me."

It was both eye opening & alarming to see how global warming is affecting their climate. The animals have to endure more heat & longer summers, which means less ice.  They need the ice to hunt for food (seals in particular).  Food is much harder to find and predators are everywhere.

Watching this Mama polar bear struggle to find food to provide for her cubs and also stay alert in order to protect them touched my heart.

It was the perfect movie to watch on Earth Day. I have always had a special place in my heart for polar bears but this really raised awareness that if things continue as they are, one day soon we will no longer have these amazing creatures. :( 

How did you celebrate Earth Day?



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