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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Craft: Easy Kid's Pinwheel!

Spring makes me think of kites, bubbles, windsocks and 
of course PINWHEELS!

We have never made our own pinwheels,
so this Mama felt it was time we remedied that.

What You Need:
crayons, markers or paint
pencil w/eraser

What To Do:
1. Cut your paper into a square (needs to be even on all sides)

2. Paint or color both sides of paper

3. Let fully dry

4. Cut diagonal slits along each point (4 total)
- do not go all the way to the middle, leave about 2 inches.

5. Without folding, bend every other point to the center & hold

6. Continue with all 4 points & then stick your pin right through the middle

7. Stick pin into pencil eraser
*This part should be done by an adult*

8. Blow! 

You now have a working pinwheel(s).


* Please note that since this pinwheel involves a pin, 
children should be supervised when in use
& it may not be suitable for very young children. *



  1. There are so cute. You come up with great crafts for spring.

  2. My son has been noticing the pinwheels in our neighborhood. I've been thinking about making him one of his own. :)

    1. Trisha, so easy to make and the girls really enjoyed being able to make their own designs and color choices!

    2. Nice Spring craft. I'm going to try this with my kids.

  3. I love this. Just today I was looking at a pinwheel spinning in the wind that was stuck in the soil in my friend's garden. I was thinking how sweet it was, and what a nice idea that I had never thought of. Thx for providing a tutorial on how to make a handmade one!

  4. Our pinwheels are made of origami and don't spin as nicely as yours! So, we throw them like ninja stars, instead! yours are gorgeous!

    1. Tricia, that would be fun! The girls did a great job painting so they look very colorful & bright. I love them too.

  5. What kind of pin are you using here? And do you stick the pin into the pencil eraser on the side?

    1. I used a regular clear push pin and stuck it in the front of the pinwheel and through the eraser. Hope that helps.

  6. what do i do if the pin is sticking out?

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