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Sunday, March 4, 2012

United Kingdom: Paddington Bear, Cinnamon Chip Scones & Cucumber Sandwiches

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This month we began 

Our first stop was the United Kingdom
and the Lil Divas and I really enjoyed it.

Here is what we did for Destination: UK 

Book & Craft: Paddington Bear
The Lil Divas really enjoyed the simple version of this book I read to them.
In fact, they liked it so much I bought the larger version with more of his adventures and am looking forward to sharing it with them as well.

TP Roll Paddington Bear
This was a very simple craft but it turned out so cute!
You can even use your finished product to retell or act out the story.

What You Need:
TP Roll
red and blue construction paper
permanent marker

What To Do:
1. I trimmed a bit off the top of the TP roll to use for the arms.
2. Make a jacket from blue construction paper & glue on.
3. Cut a small space at bottom to form feet.
4. Make arms and glue on top of jacket.
5. Make a hat from the red construction paper.
6. Add face and other details.

So cute!


Dish: Cinnamon Chip Scones & Cucumber Sandwiches

The Lil Divas and I enjoyed our very own Tea Party complete with cucumber sandwiches and scones! It was our first time making and eating scones and they were a hit with the entire family.

I basically used this Cinnamon Chip Scone recipe from  Sweet Tooth. I used this Maple Glaze Recipe from Around My Family Table. I found the entire scone recipe very doable even with a 6 and 4.5 yr. old "helping" and the scones were a huge hit!

We also enjoyed making (& eating) some fresh & simple
Cucumber Sandwiches 

It is traditionally done with butter but we used some cream cheese because the Lil Divas were not keen on the cucumber alone. I figured the slight modification was better than them not trying it at all. 

The girls thoroughly enjoyed making the food 
& then sitting down to afternoon tea!

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I am looking forward to our next destination and I am excited to be able to share it all with you here. I hope you will join us!



  1. i LOVE your Paddington Bear, and your scones look amazing! i love cinnamon. xx

  2. I also LOVE the Paddington bear craft. Maple glaze and cinnamon scones... love cinnamon and I'm from Quebec (best maple syrup ever place). We will have to try this for sure!

  3. Cute cute cute Padding bears! I felt so guilty, I threw out my first toilet paper roll yesterday because our collection is so huge. Now I feel like I threw out a potential bear! Your scones look awesome. I absolutely love cinnamon, so it's nice to see an easy cinnamon-y recipe :-)

  4. Very cute! Have fond memories of Paddington Bear as a child.

  5. What a great craft! I didn't realize they had a simplified version of the book. I loved the books when I was young and I was given several of the chapter books at my baby shower, but put them away until she was older. And we always love tea parties here. Thanks for sharing!

    1. yes and it is perfect for little ones. We are going to delve into the classic a bit at a time but the shorter version was a great way to start.

  6. One of my favourite childhood books (did you know they did a TV series as well - it was one that I got to watch once a week when a child) I love the scones they sound delicious

    1. we watched some short movies - wonder if it was from the series?

  7. This project is exactly something I've been planning to do with my own family. I may have to join in! Love scones. Love, love, love them. Great idea here!!

    1. Do join in! We are going all year so it can be whenever it suits your family!

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  9. I loved Paddington Bear as a child! We'll have to try this out - my kids would love it, I'm sure!

  10. This post made me hungry. Thanks for linking up to After School.

  11. I just requested this from the library so we can start on Paddington, especially since she has been using my old and very loved Paddington stuffed bear as her teddy. Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I hope you had a great week!

  12. HOW did I not see your Padding Bear before? I LOVE HIM!!!!

  13. Didn't he turn out cute? I love him too Maggy and was so pleased by how it turned out. It was one of those spur of the moment ideas and I was tickled by how it came together.

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