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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kiwi Crate: A Hands-on Experience Delivered Right to Your Door!

Have you heard of Kiwi Crate?

They offer monthly crates for kids age 3-7 that arrive right at your door or mailbox. Each crate is filled with hands-on activities - which can include things like experiments, crafts, imaginative play and more. Each crate centers on a particular theme and includes enough materials for two to three projects/activities.

We recently received their Under the Sea crate for review and it was perfect for my Lil Divas.  The crate included a salt water versus fresh water experiment and a fishing craft/game. Can you already see why it was perfect for the Lil Divas? Seriously, I was very impressed with it.

We started with the science experiment. The crate had everything we needed except for the water. 

Here's what we did:
1. We filled the 2 cups 3/4 way with water.
2. We added the salt to one cup and stirred.

3. We left the other cup filled with just plain water.
4. I let the Lil Divas feel each ball and had them hypothesize about what they thought would happen to each ball in each cup.
4. Then we conducted the actual experiment by adding in the various balls to each cup in turn and observing if they either sunk or floated.

The Lil Divas enjoyed the experiment so much they did it a few times. They especially liked that they got to keep the balls we used in the experiment - a definite added bonus!

Then we moved on to the craft. The Lil Divas colored in the various sea creatures as they liked. I let them have free reign and they worked really well together.

The Oldest Diva wanted to be in charge of creating the sea scape. She took this "job" very seriously and included lots of fun details like sea weed, coral, a mermaid, a scuba diver and a large whale. 

Once the sea was ready, we were all set to add the velcro pieces to our sea creatures, construct our fishing poles (super easy) and play! We set up the game on the floor and the Lil Divas sat on their boat  ( aka the couch) and happily fished over and over again to their hearts content. 

The Littlest Diva especially enjoyed this game (big surprise, NOT!) and has played with it quite a few times since we first opened the crate. 

Our Thoughts:
I think the idea behind Kiwi Crate is fabulous. This can benefit anyone. I do all types of activities with my girls but I can see this being a great "go to" resource for me on a rainy day or even a day when I am not feeling up to putting something together but the girls want an activity. What a peace of mind it would be to have one of these crates on a day when I am not feeling well.

 I think this is especially wonderful for busy parents or the non-creative type. Everything you need comes right to you, including the directions and almost all the materials (except things like water). Our crate even included a pair of scissors. 

Kiwi Crate's projects are open-ended to promote creativity and spark imagination. Our crate was educational, fun & engaging and definitely hands-on.  The Lil Divas completely enjoyed it and there were enough materials that they were able to work on the activities together, YAY!

How to subscribe? 
Interested in Kiwi Crate for your children? Visit the Kiwi Crate website to subscribe. A monthly subscription is $19.95 and a year;y subscription is $220.00. This includes shipping and at least 2 projects a month. You are free to cancel at any time and can even add-on extra materials for a sibling at an additional $7.95 per month/crate. 

Have you used Kiwi Crate? I'd love to hear about your experience?  If not, what do you think of a service like this? Can you see it being beneficial in your family?


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  1. What an interesting idea...and they look like they had great fun with it!


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