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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Foster a Child's Independence with Chores at Home

Do your children help with chores at home? 
We know it's important to teach children self-help skills and to help them become independent but did you know that being held accountable for household chores can also help your child in the classroom? It's true! 

Assigning your child chores helps them learn to be an accountable part of your family. This carries over into their school life and better equips them to handle school tasks, participate in classroom jobs and follow step-by-step directions. It also encourages the use of problem-solving skills and helps children feel competent. Above all, it can help your child establish a positive work ethic. All of these things in turn, work to foster a child's success in the classroom. 

Ways to Motivate Your Children to Do Chores

1. Make chores fun - Play music to get everyone moving or turn it into a game - imagine you're cleaning a castle or getting ready for a favorite character's visit to your home. With a little imagination chores can go from boring to so much fun it feels like play.

2. Try using a Chore Chart - Providing your child with a visual way to track their progress is typically very helpful. Using simple rewards upon completion of their goal is a great motivator. I have some great chore charts (and other resources) pinned on my Making Kids Chores Fun Pinterest Board

3. Don't expect perfection - Remember that they are children. The chores will not be done the way you would do them - that's OK! The more your child completes the chores the better they will get at them.

4. Be consistent - Make chores a routine in your home. Children thrive on schedules and consistency. Chores should not be an every once in a while occurrence. Once your child has a specific set of chores, they should be expected to complete their tasks daily or weekly as appropriate. If you set the expectation - you'll be amazed at how they will rose to the occasion. Most young children want to be helpful. 

5. Be positive - Offer encouragement, praise their hard work and tell them what they did well. Resist the urge to nit pick - remember they are learning (refer back to point #3 above). 

Now that we know why chores are important and we've discussed ways to motivate our children to complete them - let's talk about the kinds of chores your child can help with at home.

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

Please remember this is simply a guide. You are the best person to determine what chores your child can and can not handle

4 - 5 Year Olds
1. Pick up/Put toys away
2. Make beds
3. Dusting
4. Feed pets
5. Help match/fold laundry
6. Help set and clear table
7. Put dirty clothes in hamper
8. Put clothes/laundry away

6 - 8 Year Olds
1. All of the above tasks for 4 - 5 year olds
2. Sweep 
3. Vacuum
4. Help load/unload dishwasher
5. Wipe bathroom sinks and counters
6. Collect trash from wastebaskets

9 - 12 Year Olds
1. All of the above tasks for 4 -5 year olds and 6 - 8 year olds
2. Water plants/help with yard or garden
3. Wash/dry clothes
4. Mop floors
5. Make simple meals
6. Walk pets
7. Take out trash to curb or recycling bin

Are there any chores I missed? What chores do your children help out with in your home? How do you keep them motivated to complete their chores?

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Be sure to follow the Get Ready for K Through Play Pinterest Board for even more ideas from around the web to help you get your child ready for K in playful and easy ways. 

Good luck motivating your children to do chores!


  1. Great list of age appropriate chores - my two have just started to take responsibility for our new pets that their nightly chore before bed.

    Off to search your pinboard for more ideas

  2. You girls are quite good helpers! I wish I could have my kids feed the cat but she only eats canned food (diva!) and I don't want them messing with sharp cans. Pinning!

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