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Friday, July 4, 2014

Kids Summer Writing: Vacation Journals

Keeping up with learning over the summer isn't easy but it's definitely doable. 
Keeping kids learning while on an actual vacation - that takes creativity.

As the final post in our Summer Learning Series 2014 I am going to share one of the ways I plan to keep the Lil Divas learning when we head out on our vacation to San Francisco this summer - Vacation Journals! 

One of the things we are working on this summer is writing. We keep a summer writing journal. I have the Lil Divas pick from fun writing prompts and I encourage them to freely write in their journals as well. The Littlest Diva was writing about some of the fun things we have done this summer and some of the things she still hopes to do when I was "inspired". 

My thoughts - Wouldn't it be great to keep a vacation journal?! A place where the girls could write about the places they hope to visit during our trip BEFORE we go on vacation and then update it DURING our trip as we travel. It would be a great way to keep the girls writing, they'd be doing research (for the before section) and documenting their vacation along the way. It would be a great way to keep them learning and doubles as a vacation keepsake/memento! I am in LOVE with this idea. I am hoping the girls enjoy doing it and want to continue each summer after this one. 

Here are our Vacation Journals 2014: San Francisco Edition

I let the Lil Divas pick a notebook they wanted to use. I just asked them to pick one large enough that they could write in and add photos to as well. Our first step was to decorate the front cover. The Lil Divas decided they wanted a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge (we just found an image online they liked) on the cover. I also printed some fun pictures of stamp images to add to the covers. 

Once we had our journals ready we sat down for some research. Most of our trip has been mapped out so I took the opportunity to share 10 Must See Places in San Francisco that we would be visiting. After reading a little about each place online we printed out some photos and the girls added them to their journals. They included the name of each attraction and a sentence or two about it. 

As we visit each location or attraction the Lil Divas will update their journals with photos, facts learned and their thoughts/opinions on the place. They are excited about keeping these vacation journals and I can't wait to see the finished books. It's going to be such a fun vacation keepsake for them. 

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Have fun learning on vacation!


  1. It is a great idea for them to research where they will be going prior to their trip. The journals are so attractive, too. Great job!

  2. Hi! I just love this idea, too! It's scrapbooking with a mission:) Thanks for sharing it. I will do, as well!


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