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Sunday, January 20, 2013

12 Fun Winter Activities, Experiments and Snacks for Kids

I love winter. I know what you're thinking - "Of course she does, she lives in FL. She doesn't have a real winter." That's true but I grew up in NY and I definitely experienced many winters in the 24 years that I lived there. I miss it now that I live in FL. I don't miss it enough that I would want to live somewhere cold again but enough that I'd enjoy visiting for a few weeks during wintertime. I really want my girls to experience a real winter's cold temperatures and of course snow but for now we have to settle for having some winter fun our own way - through crafts, experiments, play and fun.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite 
Winter Activities, Crafts & Experiments for Kids 

Easy Winter Crafts & Art for Kids of ALL Ages

Winter Experiments

Winter Snacks, Food & Fun

Want even more ideas?

Be sure to make the make the most of your winter days -
no matter the weather.


  1. Sorry that you don't get snow since you really seem to enjoy it! Wish we could send you some. We're getting 4 inches today!

    1. Thank you Pragmatic Mom! I certainly wish you could send just a bit of that my way - it would be fun to play with the real thing for a change.

  2. We are doing a winter theme week so reading this came at just the right time! (we have snow up to our knees though so that makes it a bit easier) Thanks for sharing the ideas!


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