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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

12 Best Loved Monster Books for Kids

I finally gave in to the Lil Divas this weekend and took out the Halloween decorations. They are so excited about it this year, especially my oldest. I am a bit surprised by this because usually she scares easily. She's the girl who won't go upstairs by herself, or enter a dark room alone. Yet, she is totally attracted to all things gory and monster in honor of Halloween at the moment.

This inspired me to sit down and think about our favorite Monster themed books as I was making my library list this week. There are lots of gems out there and it's the perfect time of year to delve into them so I wanted to share our 12 Best Loved Monster Books List for Kids with you.

Here are the Lil Divas Top 12 Monster Books for Kids -

The Monster at the end of this Book - Who doesn't love Grover? My girls have read this book so many times we have lost count, yet they get a kick out of it each and every time. Do you know what's even better? The Monster at the end of this Book app! My girls LOVE how this app brings the story to life in such a fun interactive way.

Go Away big Green Monster - Over the years I have read this book to toddlers thru 1st graders and it is always a hit. It's one of my personal faves because of all the fun extension activities you can do with it. Art, retelling fun, felt board play, etc. I can't wait to share it with my preschool class this month.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster - A terrible monster? Well, he's terrible at being a scary monster which really makes him lovable to all the children reading the book. He is such a cute little monster and feels so badly after he actually scares a little boy that you can't help but feel endeared to him. This one is great for your scared of monster children - it shows that Monsters aren't all bad and that some of them can actually end up being nice and friendly towards children.

Tickle Monster - Let me start by saying that the Lil Divas love to be tickled so this book has been a huge hit in our house.  If your child doesn't enjoy tickles, then read no further because this book isn't for them. This adorable book is fully interactive, with the reader doing all the tickling that is mentioned in the book. All I can say is that there are tons of giggles, squeals of delight and rip roaring laughter all through the reading of this book in our house. I highly recommend it if your child enjoys tickles!

My Monster Mama Loves Me So - As a mom, this book is a fave for this time of year. It gives my girls the monsters they enjoy and is a heartwarming tale of a mother's love. How can you resist that?

There Was An Old Monster! - As a teacher, this was always one of my go to books during this time of year. Why? There are just so many extension activities you can do with this book. Here are a few activities we did last year based off the book.

If You're a Monster and You Know It - If your kids love "If You're Happy & You KNow It" they are going to enjoy this gem of a book. Get ready for lots of roaring and stamping and other fun interactive monster moves and sounds.

I Need My Monster - Does your child worry about monsters under the bed? I was worried about reading this book to my oldest who has such fears but it actually worked well for us. She wasn't scared, she found the book funny and we got to talk about how silly it all was. A great read for kids.

10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster - My 6 year old finds this book hilarious. It's all about having a monster as a pet and is full of funny tips for how to live with them.

Goodnight Goon - If your house is anything like mine, you probably have the words for Goodnight Moon memorized as do your kids. As soon as my youngest saw Goodnight Goon at her school book fair last year - she had to have it. It's been a hit ever since and one that makes both girls laugh as they compare it to the original.

The Monster Princess - The Littlest Diva adores princesses so I knew she would be interested in this particular book. Monsters teaching a valuable lesson? Check! Celebrate uniqueness and encourage self-help skills.

Where the Wild Things Are - What a timeless classic? This is another book I have read to children of all ages over the years and each time it is met with such a positive response.  Have you shared it with your children yet?

Happy (not so scary) Monster Reading!

Disclaimer - This post does contain affiliate links to They have been been provided for your ease so that you can easily find out more information about each book. I do receive a small compensation for any books purchase through my links.


  1. My all-time favorite monster book is definitely "There's a Nightmare in my Closet" by Mercer Mayer. Apparently it's controversial to some (???!!!) but I utterly adore it. I first saw it in my children's literature class and actually bought it before I had kids, I loved it so much. :)

    1. Controversial? Really? I love Mercer Mayer but have never read this one. Now you have my interest piqued and I must check it out.

  2. I just added holds at my library for all these books (or for the ones I didn't own yet). My kids adore monster books, so thanks for the excellent list.

  3. A monster book on our stack o' library books that my girls enjoy is "Monsters on Machines" by Deb Lund. It's about three cute little construction-crew monsters and has an appearance by the monster momma with a nutritious lunch break (monsteroni and cheese). We'll be checking out a lot of books on your list, especially the princess one and the "I Need My Monster" one. Fun!

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  5. My favorite is Monster Needs A Costume. But I am a bit biased. my kids love I Need My Monster, great book.

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