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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monster Fun: Big Green Blot Paint Monsters

The Lil Divas love the book Go Away, Big Green Monster!
It's a fun toddler/preschool book and perfect to use with a felt board.
The Oldest Diva (in Kindergarten) is now able to read it mostly on her own which is fun for her as well.

I wanted to have some fun with the story and create our own big green monsters so that's exactly what the Lil Divas did.

Craft: Big Green Blot Paint Monsters

What You Need:
white paper
green paint
construction paper in various colors

What To Do:
1. Fold white paper in half 
and apply green paint to one side near the middle.

2. Fold and press firmly, spreading paint onto the opposite side of the paper.

3. Open to reveal your paint blot.

Tip: This is a great time to review/introduce the concept of symmetry.
The Lil Divas instantly recalled our Butterfly Symmetry Art and Spilt Milk Projects when doing this.

The Oldest Diva was so excited her blot came out looking like a head with 4 horns - according to her it was the perfect monster head! :)

4. Using colored construction paper allow child to draw and then cut out eyes (the Lil divas opted to use colored wiggly eyes), a nose, a mouth and ears as desired. You can include hair if desired (out of paper or yarn) - the Lil Divas opted not to.

5. Add all pieces to the paint blot to make your monster face.

Here are our scary Monsters:

I LOVE how our Big Green Monsters turned out, don't you?

It's always so fun to see how differently the paint blots turn out and how each child envisions their monster to look because of it.

Making Learning Fun has some fun Go Away Big Green Monster activities. Some of my faves (including some that we used) were -


What is your/your child's favorite monster book?



  1. Blot projects are real fun! We love them, you never know how the end result will be. Blot art is one of my favorite childhood project. I used to create them with ink and stain all my white shirt(uniform). Good old memories:-)

  2. I love the books you list to go with this post. Your girls will either be teachers, artists or models - but certainly great moms! I can see why you are at the top of the Circle of Mom's Top 25. I'm voting for you.

  3. ooooh fun monsters!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. Very cute. Your girls look like they are having A Blast =-) Thanks for linking it to TGIF =-)

  5. another great monster project! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!


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