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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Weather - Making Rainbows

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Spring is almost upon us and with it comes lots of awesome weather.
Sun, clouds, wind, rain and of course rainbows.

With both spring on the horizon and St. Patrick's Day nearly here,
there is simply no better time to talk about rainbows.

We read the book The Rainbow and You and talked about how rainbows are made. Rainbows are fascinating and the Lil Divas are very intrigued by them. I knew they would enjoy making their own rainbows, so I brought out some prisms, opened the window shades and let them have fun.

As they worked we observed what happens when the light hits the prism and when there is no sunlight streaming through the prism.  We made rainbows on the floor, on the ceiling and on white paper.

We made big rainbows and little rainbows, 
thin rainbows and thick rainbows,
long rainbows and short rainbows.

Throughout the entire process the Lil Divas were amazed 
at how the light held all these amazing colors.

Tip: If you don't have a prism you can fill a clear glass cup with water (about 3/4 full) and use it as a prism. Find a sunny spot and put the glass in front of it and aim towards white paper - you will see a rainbow! We tried this too but I unfortunately didn't get pictures of it. It works!

After making and observing rainbows, the Lil Divas made a rainbow book.

To make the books I printed up a title page, half sheets of paper with each color of the rainbow and an end page. The Lil Divas made all the illustrations by drawing something that matched each color of the rainbow.  For the Oldest Diva we talked about "all" the colors of the rainbow (including indigo & violet) but the youngest Diva was a bit confused so I kept it at just purple for her. We will continue to explore rainbows and she hears us talking about it, so I know she will catch on anyway. 


We will continue to explore rainbows but for now be sure to check out our other weather related fun
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  1. I love these rainbow activities! It would be great if you'd like to add this to our Spring Carnival. :)

  2. Rainbows are my favorite part of weather...of course I love everything colorful! These are fun experiments!

  3. We like the book and had made Double Rainbow painting to go along the book! Love how the lil diva's played with the prism and made the Rainbows!

    One question- where did u buy the prisms?

  4. We made rainbows using a mirror, flashlight, and cup of water. Your method worked SO much better! We will definitely be trying it this way!

  5. Bern- we did a rainbow post with prism photos for the DailyBuzz 9x9- The light wasn't great for us so we viewed the rainbow THROUGH the prism. :) I wish the light had worked for us- because your photos are just gorgeous. Love them!

  6. What lovely rainbows! I love your prism work.

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  7. My kids loved this, thank you! I linked to this page on blog!!!

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