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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Day Out with Thomas - The Mystery on the Rails Tour 2012

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This past weekend we had the privilege to attend  A Day Out with Thomas - Mystery on the Rails Tour 2012 as a "Mommy Reporter" family at the Goldcoast Railroad Museum in Miami, FL.

It was our first time attending this event & the Lil Divas had lots of fun.

All the kids were so excited to see Thomas the Train in real life!

Aboard the train things were festive and fun. 
The Boy Scouts were there helping keep things lively.

Once our trip was underway we found out we were picking up a 
"mystery load" at Sir Topam Hatt's request. 
We were given 3 clues to help us figure out what it was.

One of the highlights for the Lil divas was definitely getting to take pictures
with Thomas the Train & Sir Topam Hatt!

What I really liked about the event was that there was lots for the kids to do before and/or after their ride aboard Thomas. There were bounce houses, mini golf and crafts.  There were also food and snack vendors available.  It was a fun, festive atmosphere and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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It was an afternoon of great family fun for all!

Disclaimer - We received 4 tickets complimentary tickets to A Day Out with Thomas - Mystery on the Rails Tour 2012. As a Mommy Reporter I  live tweeted our experience throughout the event. 


  1. This looked like a great day/time. I wish Thomas was coming near us. Maybe next year.

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