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Monday, September 12, 2011

Imaginary Play: Painting With Water

A no mess way to have fun, keep kids engaged in imaginative play and costs NO money - Water Play is all that and more! At first glance you might think it's boring or a waste of time. I invite you to look beyond the lack of color - look at it through the eyes of a child.

The Littlest Diva pulled out an assortment of paint brushes yesterday and was happily pretending to draw all over our house.  You could see her imagination going as she painted over walls, furniture, appliances, and even the floor. 

Inspired by her fun I pulled out our mini chalkboard and a bit of water. I left it to be discovered and pretty soon she found the impromptu art center. Without prompt or explanation she sat down and dove right in.

She was beyond excited and happily created picture after picture, all the while making up stories and acting them out. I LOVED just sitting next to her, listening to all the thoughts and stories that filled her mind come to life. She went on adventure after adventure - with just some paintbrushes and water. AMAZING!

Pretty soon, Big Sis was beyond intrigued and couldn't wait to get in on the fun. Once we were able to convince Lil Sis to let her have a go at it (she did NOT want to stop painting!) she happily sat down to create. Boats, hearts, flowers, rainbows, portraits of her family and more.


She made picture after picture and was simply delighted with the process. Just like the Littlest Diva - she began to bring her pictures to life, creating stories as she painted. I saw whole scenes come to life through her stories and it was WONDERFUL!

A bit of water + paintbrushes = LOTS of IMAGINATIVE Fun! I can't wait to take our water painting outside to paint on nature's canvas!



  1. This does not look boring at all, my girls would love this I'm sure. They love to paint with water outside, we should give it a try inside on our dirty chalkboard.

  2. The chalkboard is a great idea! We did this last week, but the kids painted the "chalky" deck instead - they had lots of fun and my deck is clean :-) I love the no-mess factor, don't you! Looks like your little girl had a blast - thanks for sharing :-)

  3. ugh. Whenever I see this it reminds me that we have a chalkboard - in our GARAGE! Its screwed into the brick wall, so I can just remove it easily... I want it inside to do this!!! Its on my to do list... I love it!


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