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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Posh Lil Diva's Heelys Wheeled-Shoe Review

Growing up I LOVED roller skating. I had a beloved pair of roller skates that I wheeled around in any chance I got so when Business2Blogger gave me the opportunity to review Heelys Wheeled Shoes - I could not resist!

The Oldest Diva has been begging for a pair for quite a while so I sat with her and showed her the available options and she instantly fell in love with a pair featuring her favorite color - The Wave in purple! We ordered and anxiously waited for them to arrive.
I can not express how excited the Lil Diva was to get her Heely's in the mail! The Hubby popped the wheels in following the easy directions on the box as the Lil Diva watched in anticipation. The shoes were ready to go in no time at all and with very minimal fuss. This is especially welcome when you have excited children on your hands!


The Lil Diva tried them on INSTANTLY!

They fit well, and weren't too bulky or heavy (which I was initially concerned about for her). The shoes are very cute & she can defnitely wear them without the wheels on a daily basis as well. They come in some really great colors and styles. The Lil Diva felt extra posh in her purple & black Heelys .

Now, for the fun part - wheeling!

Not only is wheeling/skating fun but it's a great way to get outdoors and exercise too.The Lil Diva was very excited to give it a go but it proved a bit harder for her than she anticipated. She had to get used to using her heels to make them go but we certainly got lots & lots of laughs helping her along & watching her learn. 

Luckily, Heelys has some great How To Videos - it really helped her to see how it should be done. By no means is the Lil Diva performing tricks in her Heely's but with time and practice - she just might be making her own skating video! 

Overall, our experience with the Heelys Wave shoe has been a positive one. The Lil Diva likes the shoes sporty look, they are comfortable to wear, fun to use with the wheels and easy to take them out and wear as a regular sneaker. I just might have to get my own pair after all!

Check out Heelys Website, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to find out more.

DisclaimerI received a pair of Heelys Wheeled Shoes for free in conjunction with Business2Blogger for the purposes of trying them out for this review. That being said, this review is my 100% honest opinion of this product - I  am not paid for my reviews or optinions! They are 100% mine! Please remember that your opinions and tastes might differ from mine. 


  1. i ha d a pair they were awsome

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