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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year, New Me (Hopefully!)

2011 is days away and this has me thinking about what I want to improve next year! I usually dislike resolutions - I've never been one to actually keep them - but there are a few changes that I am serious about making! I figure if my journey is public on my sweet lil blog here, it might actually make me more apt to work at my changes! After all there is strength in numbers right?!

So here are my resolutions for 2011:

1. Take Better Care of ME! - This one is a must! If I am not 100% my family loses out! So I am going to begin taking daily vitamins, eat better/healthier (actually I should start by just plain eating - I am prone to snacking (and not the good kind) not eating an actual meal - yuck, I know!) and try to exercise (notice the word try, lol - I have never enjoyed the pain associated with exercising!)

That brings me to my next 2 resolutions:

2. Do Better in the Kitchen! I am not the world's best cook and we seem to eat the same boring meals all the time! I want to try and make new recipes and get my family to eat healthier!

3. Make Time to Exercise! I must dust off those never used ZUMBA videos and get moving! I actually enjoyed the few classes I took last summer then we went on vacation & I never went back! Ugh!

I want to look & feel better and that will take work on my part but I need to do it! I am not happy with the current state of ME and only I can change that!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on my journey but for now - a few questions............

1. Do you have resolutions for 2011?
2. If you do, what are they? (Come on - share with me!)
3. If you don't, why not? I know resolutions aren't for everyone - just curious about your reasons!

Have a Happy Monday Friends!


  1. I don't really have any New Year's resolutions, though I do want to get off the weight I've gained from all the holiday celebrations!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by - I love that we both used the "New Year, New Me" title, it's such a good one! I agree with all of your resolutions and I hope we both succeed in 2011! :)

  3. What a great way to start the new year! I haven't made any solid resolutions yet, but I should! I'd also like to do a little better in kitchen and exercise more! Thank you so much for visiting us! we are following you back too! We are in Rhode Island and snowed in today!

  4. Hi Bern, we are so similar. I really dont like resolutions. I too want to get healthier and fit.

    I'm a single mom of 2 teen kids. In 2011 my son will be leaving home to go to college. It will only be me and my daugther, who is 15 years old. I want to spend time with her because she will be leaving in a couple of years after him. I'm not looking for "Mr Right" or "Mr Right-Now" but it would be nice to allow myself to receive blessing from God in that area. BUT it leave that up to God's will because I have messed up relationships in the past.

    I work full-time and I also own the apron business. I want to expore other creative ideas. I just can't sit still for too long.

    It was really nice talking with you!

    Yoli (Pena) Kalkofen :)

  5. My New Year's Resolution is to have my parenting book published. This will hopefully allow my wife time to be home more with our boys.

    All the best,


  6. I do not what to change ehehhe...I am a new follower from Monday mingle. See you.

    Pls. visit me here

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