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Monday, December 27, 2010

Lil Divas Learning Fun - G is for Gingerbread Theme

The Lil Divas still have a week left of vacation so we are going to spend time playing with new toys (of course!) and doing some fun crafts and activties!

My theme for the week is Gingerbread - so much fun to be had!

Stories we will be reading this week:

Our crafts & activities:

We typically do 2 activities a day!
Here are all my ideas & resources in 1 place for you! 

1. Decorating Foam Gingerbread Figures - we will use stickers and/or markers, I usally let them use whatever thay want. This type of craft is easy to prepare for (I got the felt cut outs from a nearby Dollar Tree Store) and super easy but fun to do for the Lil Divas!

2. Little Dover Gingerbread Activity Books - the Lil Divas love all things sticker related & they really enjoy Little Dover stickers books. These are small, easy to do and I used the buy 3 get 1 free deal on Amazon so they were even less than the minor $1.50 price.

3. Gingerbread File Folder Game courtesy of Preschool Printables (thanks!)

4. Gingerbread Cookies (of course!)

5. Visit and enjoy their Gingerbread Activity

6. g is for gingerbread tracing page courtesy of Maiking Learning Fun (thanks!)

7. Play-doh Gingerbread Shape Fun - we will use cookie cutters & just have fun

8. Gingerbread Baby Activities coloring pageboard game and intercative create your own gingerbread baby house (this one is an online activity) courtesy of the Jan Brett webpage - some great activities can be found on the Jan Brett Website to accompany her books!

9. Make a Gingerbread House (messy, sticky, yummy fun)

10. Gingerbread Matching Game (courtesy of I printed out 2 copies of the sheets, glued them on cardstock and then laminated them for durability. We will use them as a fun matching game.

11. Gingerbread Alphabet Match (courtesy of Great Lower Case & Upper Case Letter Review - glue on cardstock and laminate for durability

12. Gingerbread Beginning Sounds Activity - I printed these story pictures - Page 1 and Page 2 (used from - an awesome resource!) to use with our magnetic letters

13. Gingerbread Math - I traced around one of the cookie cutter gingerbread shapes and cut out numerous templates. I then took 10 paper plates and numbered them 1 thru 10. The girls will have read the number on the plate and then put the correct number of gingerbread men on each plate.

14. Gg Template Page (courtesy of - I plan on just letting the girls decorate the letters with stickers or color them.

15. Letter G Puzzle - I made a big letter G template, colored & laminated and cut it into pieces to make a puzzle. The girls have to sort the pieces back together to make the letter. I keep a copy of the drawing/template I used for them to use initially then after a few tries I take it away and they put it together alone.

16. Letter G Sewing Card - I use the same puzzle template to make a sewing card by gluing it on cardstock, laminating and then punching holes in it

17. Letter Gg Tracing Page (courtesy of

18. Connect the Dots Gingerbread Man (#1-21) - (courtesy of kidzone) I help them go in order but this is great for number recognition practice & counting

** new addition 12/28/10**

19. Felt Gingerbread - got some felt today at the craft store and some yarn & will make an attempt at letting the lil divas "sew" some gingerbread men! We'll see how it goes! :)


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