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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Lil After Christmas Shopping

So the house is (sort of) back to normal after the big "Christmas Disaster of 2010" - most of the new toys have found a home (at least more have than haven't so the odds are good!)

I am feeling pretty darn yucky today - the Lil Diva's cold has finally gotten to me! Pair that with the fact that I have been sleeping little for days and doing so much in preparation for Christmas, this cold is kicking my butt! Aargh! Like I have time to be sick!

Cold or not, I still braved the mall today for the After Christmas Sales (yes, I am mental - I told you this before!) and scored some good deals! The Disney Store  is having their Twice Uopn a Year Sale and I scored cute PJ's for the Littlest Diva at half off! She just loves looking like a princess and the Deluxe Princess Nightgowns can be pricey so I couldn't pass it up! She absolutely squealed in delight when I came home with her pink Sleeping Beauty version & already wore it to bed tonight! :)

GYMBOREE is having their semi-annual Big Red Balloon Sale! I LOVE GYMBOREE & I especially LOVE this SALE!!! It's a great time to stock up because they bring out all those older lines from the stock room! I scored 6 items for less than $25.00!!! Seriously, you can't beat that!!! I am sure to return as they just keep pulling stuff out from the stock room at diffrent intervals! This is a sale not to be missed!

I also visited Old Navy and got jeans for the Lil Divas ($10) and for myself ($15)!!

All in all a productive shopping day - cold and all! :)


  1. Ohhhhh I am impressed with your fortitude!! You got some great deals even when you were feeling yuckie. I hate to shop when I am sick, I always get home and have stuff I don't even remember buying. Hope you are feeling better soon!! :) Thanks for stopping by today to say Hi.

  2. Hi thanks for the visit...following you back!

  3. Congrats on the steals! I did not brave the stores today!

  4. After christmas sales are the best...

  5. Swinging by to thank ya for the follow, but didn't see where you were following us.. bwahahahaha.. Hope everyone is feeling better and we are now following YOU.. bwhahaahha

  6. Thanks for following, now following you back...enjoy the New Year...


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