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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kids Collage Art - Exploring Romare Bearden (Kids Get Arty)

On a recent trip to one of our favorite children's museums we were inspired for this month's Kids Get Arty by a fun piece of collage art we saw on display that was made by a 6 year old girl. How perfect is that for inspiration? The art was inspired by artist Romare Bearden. He was unknown to us so I was excited to learn more about him with the Lil Divas and make our own Bearden inspired collage art.

Kids Collage Art
(inspired by Romare Bearden)

After looking at some of Bearden's collage work the Lil Divas were inspired to make their own masterpiece. We looked at lots of pictures of his various art work online and we also enjoyed these books -


Before we began to work on our collages, I had the Lil Divas think about what they wanted their final product to look like. Then, with that in mind we started to look at magazines for pictures that caught their eye and would work with their creative vision.

It was a lot of work to find just the "right" pictures. We spent over an hour pouring through various magazines. It was actually a wonderful activity unto it's own because the girls were collaborating and sharing things with each other that they thought their sister could use.

As they cut, they fit pieces together like a puzzle to make sure they would work together. We were not focused on perfection. It was about trying to reach that "ultimate" vision they had in their minds for the finished piece.

For our canvas I used a cardboard mailing box (how fancy, I know!) that I cut up. I wanted something sturdy and it was all I had on hand but it ended up being perfect for this project.

Once the Lil Divas had all the pieces for their people they went to work on creating the perfect background. There were many moments when I was wondering (doubting) how it would all come together in the end because there were so many different pieces of paper but I let them go with their artistic vision, wanting them to create their collage as they wanted.

I was surprised (ok, more like completely shocked) in the end with how it all came together. The collages turned out really cool & unique.

Here is the Littlest Diva's collage -

and the Oldest Diva's collage - 

Aren't they funky and spectacular?!
We love them.

Now, it's your turn to share. 
Have you explored an artist with your children or students recently?
Link up your activity below so we can all be inspired.

Don't forget that the next Kids Get Arty will be on March 13, 2013.

Have fun getting arty with your kids,


  1. What a great art project! I love that you also teach us about artist Romare Bearden!

  2. Wonderful! Love how the girls took such care making sure all the parts went together. And love the titles of their artwork.Perfect. :-)

    Thanks for being such a fab co host for Kids Get Arty.



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