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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shower Curtain Sight Word Activity for Kids

Are you ready for an easy sight word and writing activity for kids? You know I like utilizing things around the house for learning fun but Dyan from And Next Comes L outdid herself with a re-usable Shower Curtain Sight Word Activity.  Here's Dyan to tell you all about it........
Hi!  I'm Dyan and I blog over at And Next Comes L.  I am a stay at home mom to two boys, but I also teach piano from my home.  My passions are music, writing, and anything arts and crafts wise.  My two boys keep me busy.  J will be four in September and is a very bright child who started to read and spell before he turned two.  Shortly after he turned three, that passion for reading and spelling turned into writing everything by himself.  K will be two in September and is a busy monkey.  He climbs everything!  He is following in his big brother's footsteps as he too has learned all of his letters, uppercase and lowercase, by 20 months of age.  So I am sure he will be an early and avid reader just like J!  
I am so excited to be guest posting on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas today.  I have always admired the sight word activities that Bernadette comes up with for her girls.  Since J is a sight reading pro, naturally, I had to make my guest post about sight words!
I have mentioned before that I have inherited a large box of shower curtains and shower curtain rings.  As a result, I have been using them for all sorts of different activities with my boys.  Since shower curtains wipe clean so easily, I figured that I could write on them using window markers.  And if you have read my blog before, you will have noticed that I love window markers and have written on many different surfaces, including Mega Blocks here and here.  So I decided to get some sight word practice in with J using a shower curtain and some window markers.

One rainy day, while K was napping, I set up this sight word activity for J.  I taped a shower curtain to my kitchen floor using some duct tape.  Then I wrote a variety of sight words, from different grade levels, using the window markers.  I tried to choose some words that I knew J could already read, but I also picked a few that I was unsure of whether or not he could read.  To my surprise, there were only two or three that actually stumped him.  Oh, how my three year old surprises (and challenges!) me on a daily basis!

The set up.
All ready to go for some rainy day learning.
I also gave him a window marker, in a different color, to practice writing.  Within a few seconds of me handing him the marker, he started reading and then tracing the letters of the sight words.

Tracing letters.
A close up of J's letter tracing.
J concentrating really hard.
Tracing the word "write."
J's finished tracing of the word "write."
This activity was great for helping J practice his lower case letter writing since when he does "little letters" (as he calls them), they often end up very jagged and sharp.  It was a great writing and reading exercise for him.  However, this activity could be modified to practice letter identification and writing too.

To clean up, I just tossed the shower curtain in with some dirty laundry so that it's ready to be used again!  And if you're looking for others way to learn and play with shower curtains, check out my homemade play parachute made from shower curtains and my shower curtain ring counting activity.  You can also check out my other sight word activities here.

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- Dyan


  1. You could also use the shower curtain sight words to throw a beanbag on to see if your child can read the words! It adds a little movement in there too.

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