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Monday, March 25, 2013

Rhyming On the Go: A Play to Learn Phonics Game

I am always trying to "sneak" learning into our day that requires no prep or set-up and only take a few spare minutes time.

Rhyming On the Go - A Phonics Game

Part of learning to read means having a solid foundation in phonics. To nurture this I play simple, fun and wacky phonics games with the Lil Divas. Our favorites often involve rhyming - both real and nonsense words. We play during bath time, in the car and whenever else we can fit it in.

I like having games that sneak in learning no matter where we are, take no preparation or materials and can be played with 5 spare minutes or longer if we feel like it. Doesn't that sound great? Seriously, even busy mamas on the go can totally do this on your way to school, errands, playdates, extracurricular activities - wherever you are going and anytime of day or night. Let's make learning fun, informal and easy. It doesn't always have to require tons of prep and planning.

Here's a game we like to play in the car -

How to Play:
1.  Look out the car window and name an object you see.

2. The other people in the car think up rhyming words until someone gets stumped.

3. The winner of the round (last person able to give a rhyming word) gets to look out the window and names the next object.

4. Repeat and play as many rounds as time permits or children are interested. 

We try to find "hard" words/objects to stump each other while we play. This game is so simple kids of varying ages can play. It's a great way to get younger kids started with recognizing rhymes and word endings.

A fun twist we like to incorporate is to use/allow nonsense words. The Lil Divas enjoy trying to come up with the silliest words and it always gets lots of giggles when we play this way. An added learning component would be to have children identify real versus nonsense words. This is sometimes difficult for younger children to discern. 

What games do you play on the go?
I'd love for you to share.

Have fun rhyming on the go!

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