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Friday, March 29, 2013

10 Ways to Use Plastic Eggs for Learning with Kids

If you celebrate Easter there is no doubt that you after the egg hunts have passed and the bunny has visited, you are left with lots and lots of plastic eggs. At least that's how it is in my house. I refuse to simply throw them away.  I save some to reuse next year but each year the collection seems to grow.  I make it my mission to think of fun ways to use them with the Lil Divas.

In the spirit of blogging and sharing, I have compiled a handy list of 
10 Ways to Use Plastic (Easter) Eggs
for Learning

Are you ready for some playful learning ideas
Here they are -

2. Antonym Eggs

4. Contraction Eggs 

6. Synonym Eggs

8. Compound Word Eggs 

These are just a few ways you can use these handy learning aides.
There are so many other fun things you can do with them
involving art, crafts and play.

How do you reuse your plastic eggs?


  1. What do you use to write on them? Everything I have tried has come off on the kid's hands.

    1. I use a sharpie "professional" permanent marker. It costs a little more than the regular sharpies but it's great!

  2. I was thinking a sharpie!

  3. Love your ideas. Went out today.....yes, on Easter after church and bought some eggs. I came home and tried my permanent sharpie pens to write on the eggs and as the comment above says, the marker came off on my hands. I then tried sand paper to rough up the surface area that was going to be written on. This did eliminate some of the rubbing off effect but was very time consuming. Each egg took several minutes to sand. Help! Any ideas? What kind of marker did you use? I really would love to make these for my Kindergarten students.

    1. I used a sharpie but I just double checked and the one that I have says "professional" permanent marker. It costs about $3.50 but it's great! I am using the eggs at home for only 2 girls so I am sure it's a bit easier but we have had very little wipe off. I let them dry overnight before use and tell the girls to be careful when handling them and show them to try to use the edges where nothing is written. I actually still have the eggs I made last year and reused them this year with my younger daughter.

  4. Absolutley love all those ideas! Thank you so much! Creative learning is totally the best way to make things stick in their memory!

  5. I love these ideas. I have hundreds of eggs left over from my own girls.I'm going to use them with my grandchildren for games, when they come to visit.

  6. I was thinking that you could paint clear fingernail polish over the writing.

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