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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kids Art: Colored Glue Heart Art Valentines

My preschoolers love glue. Correction - they love squeezing out all the glue from our glue bottles. Which is why they always enjoy when I mix up our glue with liquid watercolors to make colored glue for them to paint with.

They had so much fun making
  Colored Glue Heart Art

To make our colored glue I add a few drops of Liquid Watercolor to our Elmer's white school glue and shake so that it mixes well. Then I just let the children paint and create to their hearts content.

They enjoy making designs, mixing colors, swirling and squeezing out as much glue as they possibly can. It's a great fine motor workout for those little hands!

Once the masterpiece is complete, put it somewhere safe to dry. Depending on how much glue is used it might take awhile to dry.

Once dry, the glue is shiny and has such a neat look to it. It makes for a lovely piece of art.

Happy Colored Glue Painting!


  1. I have a little one that would love this ( and a couple older ones that probably would too!) Awesome idea, I would have never thought of this!

  2. Really pretty! Who knew colored glue would turn out so beautifully just like paint? What a fun project! I'll have to get some colored glue for my kids. We always seem to end up with the glittery glue.

  3. This would be a good idea for Easter eggs and Christmas ornaments.

  4. These are great! Will be pinning this for next year!

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