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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kid's Craft: Coffee Filter Heart Art for Valentine's Day

If you've read our blog before, you've probably noticed that I have a soft spot for using coffee filters in our arts and crafts. They are inexpensive and so easy to use - what's not to love? The Oldest Diva wanted to make Valentine's Day decorations for our windows. It was a spur of the moment request as I was helping the Littlest Diva with a school project. Thinking fast I grabbed our coffee filters, markers, some construction paper and our spray bottle and she set to work making some Coffee Filter Heart Art.

This is such an easy craft that children of all ages can enjoy making these hearts. Here's what you need to do -

1. Let child freely color the coffee filter using markers. The brighter the colors and the more of the coffee filter they color - the more vibrant your finished coffee filter will look.

2. Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray the coffee filter. A little water goes a long way. Too much water tends to dilute the colors. The Lil Divas enjoy watching the colors spread and mix as the water travels through the coffee filter.

3. Allow the coffee filters to dry.

4. Using construction paper, prepare your heart frames by cutting out a large heart and snipping out the middle.

5. Glue the construction paper to the back of your heart frame. You might want to use 2 heart frames if you are displaying these in your windows so that both sides look the same.

Don't they look great? I really like the vibrant colors the Oldest Diva chose to work with and each heart is both unique and fabulous. What fantastic window decorations for Valentine's Day.

Happy heart making!


  1. Thanks these turned out wonderful and cute! Plus they are easy and fun can't wait to try some!

  2. I love this, great idea :) I will definitely be doing this today with my daughter

  3. Thanks a great idea I think I might even add a picture off my lil girl to the center and have her give them to her grandparents as valentines :)

  4. We made these today and they turned out great! Thank you!!

  5. I made these today with green and blue for Earth Day and they were TERRIBLE to get the ink off of our fingers after picking them up to move them to dry. UHG!!! How do you stay clean? With 22 students I was a mess :O

    1. I have done it in my preschool classroom with numerous children and ended up the same way. I suggest putting on a glove if you are going to be doing many of them and worried about color on your hands - we have them for handling snacks, etc. I have to say that I usually end up with colored fingers but it washes off after a few washes. I never remember to wear the gloves.

    2. Just wondering, couldn't you put them on a paper larger piece of cardboard or something and then just pick up cardboard and move to dry? Also curious how long do they take to dry? Thanks!

  6. How long does it usually take for the filters to dry? thinking of doing this with my son's 1st grade class this fri but the party is the last hour before they go home, so I want to make sure they'd be ready. Thanks!

    1. they dry pretty quickly especially if they don't soak them. The coffee filters are thin so they don't require a long drying time. I'd say would be dry in less than the hour but I can't tell you a specific time frame sorry. I would try one at home as a prep so you know what you're up against.

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