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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keeping Your Family Healthy During Cold and Flu Season - #KleenexCares

Cold and flu season is here. Everywhere I look people are sick. Runny noses are rampant and the sounds of coughing fill the air. The cycle has gone through our home, hitting us all at different times so that it feels like there was an endless round of sickness for the last month or so. It's hit us from everywhere - work, school, after school activities, playdates with friends. 

I wish I could keep the Lil Divas in a nice germ free bubble. Alas, it's just not possible so instead I focus on trying to eliminate as much of the contamination as possible. How? I always adhere to my Mom's 6 Basic Tips for Good Health 
1. Wash, wash, wash your hands - Good hand washing is key to reducing the spread of those nasty cold and flu germs.
2. Get plenty of rest - A worn out body isn't equipped to battle cold and flu germs. In order to be 
3. Eat right - Sounds simple right but eating a healthy balanced diet keeps your body in tip top shape. If your body is in tip top shape you are able to fight off those pesky germs. 
4. Wipe it down - Disinfectant wipes are my best friend. Think of all the things we touch in the course of a day. Now think of all the people that touched them before you - right after they coughed or sneezed. Eeew! I keep wipes in my purse and always wipe down surfaces such as tables, chairs, grocery store carts, etc. You can't eliminate every germ your family comes in contact with but you can at least keep them at a minimum. 
5. Vitamin C - My family has always embraced the belief that vitamin c is essential to keep colds at bay or at least shorten their duration when you are affected. So drink up that orange juice and snack on pineapples, tomatoes and oranges to keep your body fueled with essential vitamin c.
6. Practice Good Hygiene - Cover those coughs and sneezes with your elbow, NOT your hand! Teach children to use a tissue (be sure you have your Kleenex ready!) and always wash hands after coughs and/or sneezes.

Of course, even though we try to follow those tips there are times when we still get sick.  When one of the Lil Divas is sick my focus shifts to keeping everyone as comfortable and well cared for as possible and trying to keep it from spreading through the entire family.  How? You guessed it, I follow more of Mom's Tips (Mom's really do know best!) -
1. Make them comfortable - set up a cozy spot in bed or on the couch, keep the warm and provide favorite books and/or movies to help pass the time. 
2. Get plenty of rest - When your sick, your body is weakened. Rest, sleep and take it easy so that you can recuperate. 
3. Keep hydrated - Drink, Drink, Drink! Keep your body hydrated. Theres nothing worse than adding dehydration to your list of ailments. Your body needs fluids to recover - drink plenty of water, tea with honey, sip on soup and/or broth and don't forget the vitamin c.
4. Stay home - Don't go to work if you can help it or send sick kids to school. Not only does your body need the rest but you need to keep the spread of those pesky germs to a minimum.
5. Clean, Clean, Clean - After a round of sickness, I clean and disinfect our home thoroughly and wash all sheets, clothes, snuggle toys, towels, etc to eliminate the germs that plagued us in the first place.
6. Replace Toothbrushes - This is one that many people forget but it's all so important. Toothbrushes house germs, replace them after a bout with a cold or the flu so that you don't re-contaminate yourself or your kids.
7. Do NOT share - Make sure your sick family member does not share cups, straws, utensils etc with the rest of the family. 
8. Saline drops - My youngest actually asks for her saline spray when she has a cold. It really does offer relief from stuffy and/or runny noses. We always have it on hand during colds.
9. Keep them stocked with KLEENEX - Catch all those coughs and sneezes with your Kleenex tissues. They are gentle on sensitive noses and will help eliminate the spreading of germs.

I am truly grateful for my family's good health at the moment. I am even more thankful that I know how to keep them healthy or well cared for during sickness, thanks to my Mom. She always took such good care of our family when we we were sick (she still does) and I am proud to be able to now provide the same comforts to my family.

Would you like to surprise someone who is suffering from a cold or the flu and show them how much you care? Showing you care with Kleenex is as easy as 1,2,3! Just purchase a specially marked box of Kleenex Brand tissue, find the code and enter it online. Then share the Kleenex Brand Care Pack! 

Find out more about the Softness Worth Sharing initiative on Kleenex's website and join them on Facebook.

I hope you and your family stay healthy 
during cold and flu season.

Disclosure - I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenex brand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. 


  1. I like this list! But I do worry about how much you stress santizers. A lot of those have nasty chemicals for little ones, and contribute to the creation of superbugs. A regular soap (not antibacterial) and warm water should be sufficient for hands. And good old vinegar will do the trick around the house. Taking shoes off as soon as your in the house is another great trick to reduce germs. When my kiddos do get sick, I love the Boiron homeopathics, and the homeopathics you can find at any Walgreens or CVS. They make a children's version of cough syrup, and flu tablets. I always keep Belladonna on hand for any sicknesses with a sudden onset (sudden fever, sudden earache, etc). And last, but my favorite, is keeping peppermint and/or eucalyptus essential oils around to ease congestion. You can use them in a reed diffuser, an essential oil lamp, or mixed with a little olive oil and rubbed directly on chest and back for restful sleep. Wishing you a healthy season!

    1. She is not promoting the use of antiseptics like hand sanitizer or antibacterial products..she is promoting disinfectants like lysol and clorox. These are much stronger. You owe her an apology for being incorrectly critical.

  2. I will definitely keep these tips in mind; catching cold is known to be infectious especially to kids. I just hope my kids would absorb these basic tips.

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