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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7 Fun Ways to Learn Numbers Through Play

The Littlest Diva is in Pre-Kindergarten and we have been working hard on number recognition.  She has been quite resistant to it so of course I have to be "Clever Mom" and come up with ways to help her learn her numbers while she is playing and really has no idea she is actually engaged in active learning.

Here are a few fun ways we have been ....
Learning Numbers Through Play

Cut foam fish & write target numbers.
Attach paper clips to mouth and add to water.
Fish for numbers by making a fishing rod out of string 
and an opened paper clip fashioned as a hook.

Play music, child moves around numbers 
& once music stops child identifies number they are on.

Hide pieces of paper with target numbers written on them around room. 
Child hunts for numbers and matches them on "match sheet".

Use desired cut-outs and write 2 of each target number.
Shuffle/Mix-up and place face down.
Child matched cards, identifying numbers found.

Use large sheets of paper with target numbers written on them.
Place on floor in a large circle.
Child steps in middle and hops to number called.

Convert a tissue box into a hungry little monster.
write target numbers on small pieces of paper.
Child feeds numbers called out to monster.

There are lots more ways to focus on math during play.
We will be sharing some other fun ideas soon.



  1. So many fun ideas!! We enjoy the fishing game- I've used it with letters and sight words, too. I like your ideas about using music and the hopping idea to get kids moving!

    1. Thanks Jen. When the kids get moving & are having fun - they don't even realize how much learning is going on! My daughter was begging to keep playing long after I got bored, haha!

  2. Thanks for sharing on the Afterschool Party. Great Number activities and can easily be adapted to whatever math concept you're working on. Moment and learning is always a win win situation.

  3. Fabulous, playful ideas! Thanks for sharing with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  4. Very nice! You are a very creative Mom. Thanks for another great post for Aftertschool.

  5. I found your site through Pinterest and have been browsing this morning. I love your ideas!

  6. I would be interested how do you teach them to read...that seems more challenging with my kids at this point.
    - the roofing guy -


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