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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Snowman Experiment

The Lil Divas have been begging to build a snowman.
This is pretty impossible in Florida.
Or is it?

By freezing 3 water filled balloons (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large)
we were able to make our very own Snowman (or should I say Ice man?)

The Snowman Experiment

This was the perfect opportunity for a bit of scientific observation
& after our fabulous Mad Science Theme
the Lil Divas are very excited about all things science!

Here's What We Did:

1. Freeze 3 water filled balloons (preferable over night)
You will need 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small balloon for your snowman.

2. Peel the balloon off your frozen ice balls

3. Using a bit of salt to adhere them, stack your ice to form a snowman.

4. We used some felt to make the face and buttons -
Tip: Wet the felt and add just a pinch of salt to stick them on!

Since the Lil Divas have been so interested in science lately
I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them
to some scientific terms & processes - on their level.

We discussed what we were going to observe during this experiment:
The Experiment - 
1 Snowman would be put outside & 1 left indoors.
We were going to observe which would melt the fastest.

Each Lil Diva made a prediction about which would melt the fastest
and recorded their observations both before and after.

5. We placed one snowman outside & left one inside in our kitchen.
Both snowmen were placed in bins to collect any water.

Here's What Happened:

 After 3 hours our snowmen had visibly begun to melt.

The Outside Snowman had quite a bit of water evident in the bin
and was smaller in size from when we first put it outside.

The Indoor Snowman, although his head had toppled, 
had much less water in the bin and was still considerably large in size.

Approximately 8 hours later we found that 
the Outside Snowman was nearly completely melted.

The Inside Snowman was still pretty large and mostly intact.

A side by side comparison of the 2 Snowmen:

We ended the experiment a bit prematurely 
as is was soon to be the Lil Divas bedtime but I think 
the results were pretty conclusive about what the final results would be.

The Oldest Diva wrote down our results & her final observations 
at the conclusion of our experiment.

It was a fun experiment 
& we got to build our very own snowmen,
 even in Florida!

Books We Read:

The Snowman Experiment was inspired by this pin on Pinterest.
I changed it up a little to suit our needs but that was my inspiration!

Check out my Winter Board on Pinterest - so many wonderful ideas.

Interested in more fun & easy science ideas -
check out our other science experiments.



  1. This is a really fun idea for you Floridians, and even for us Northerners.... who wouldn't want an inside snowman to observe? (In a bin, of course).

    1. haha, the large/wide bin was very necessary as pieces toppled over but oh, so fun to watch!

  2. Awesome! We did a sculpture similar to this (but without the face and details) in August! (like your Florida weather) This is a great experiment too!

    1. very cool! My girls initially wanted to paint ours with food coloring too remembering our ice ball painting from the summer. I had to convince them it was best to leave these as is if we wanted to truly observe them - too much salt would speed things up unfairly. Luckily, they decided I knew what I was talking about for once, hehe!

  3. Love, love this post. Everything about...the art, the science, the literacy. I could go on and on! Good job. :) Kristi

    1. Thank you Kristi, we had fun with it and they began to learn about being little scientists - perfect!

  4. Great experiment! We have tons of snow and ice here naturally, but I think we may try your out this coming summer just for fun. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. this would be fun to do in summer - would get a puddle rather quickly I am sure! Would be fun to see how fast he would melt.

  5. What a great learning activity!!! I love how you had them record their observations.

  6. You do these most fun activities! I love this idea!

  7. This is amazingly cleaver!! What a wonderful way to help kids learn & enjoy Science!! I nominate you for Mom of the year =-) Thanks so much for linking up to TGIF!
    Beth =-)

  8. I love your snowman! And the fact that you turned it into a full-blown science activity!

    Thanks for sharing with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  9. I LOVED this so much I featured at TGIF this week - - thanks for linking up. I look forward to seeing you again this week!
    Beht =-)

  10. Great experiment and I love the idea of freezing waterballoons. I just pinned this activity so I remember to do something similiar with my little girl. I would love if you would share this post and any other inexpensive kid activities on my linky party at

  11. Love this!! I know my kiddos would love it too...especially since we are lacking in the snow department this winter! The only real snowman we've been able to make was only about four inches tall and still resides in our freezer!

  12. I bet the girls LOVED that experiment. SO CUTE!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  13. Just saw this on ABC and cool! My kindergartners would love doing an experiment like this, even here in Minne"snow"ta since we don't have much snow this year:)

    Thanks again,
    "Kindergarten Kel

  14. Thanks again for linking up to fun frugal friday. I will be featuring your post this week. This is a great idea. : )

  15. I would like to share this on my blog:
    I Dream of First Grade
    Let me know! What fun!

  16. Being a Floridian, I love the opportuntiy for the holiday spirit. I also love that it gives you a chance to teach the kids some chemistry with the reaction of salt and ice!

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