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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Made By Little Hands: Homemade Christmas Gift Tags

In order to add a Lil Diva touch to our Christmas presents
we made our own homemade gift tags.

These are so simple to make, fun to create together 
& add a special touch to any present during the holidays.

What You Need:
card stock cut in various Christmas shapes
paint & brushes
pom poms

Fingerprint Tree
To make a tree we used the Lil Divas thumbprint in green paint to
make a tree form and a thumbprint in brown paint for the truck.

You can decorate if desired (the Lil Divas opted not to)

Candy Canes
You can make these out of fingerprints by alternating white & red thumbprints.
The Lil Divas wanted to paint theirs.

Christmas Wreath
Using thumbprints dipped in green paint we formed a circle to make a wreath.
Then we dipped a pinky in red paint to make berries. Cute!

Thumbprint Reindeer
I cut out a circular shapes gift tag & made a brown thumbprint
which we later turned into a reindeer.

Christmas Tree
The Lil Divas colored & decorated the Christmas Tree cutouts 
using sequins, pom poms, etc.

They also decorated their own ornament gift tags. I just let them do whatever they wanted. It is a little piece of artwork for whoever receives it with their gift this Christmas.

Wouldn't you LOVE to receive one of these special gift tags on your gift?

We also made some Fingerprint Cards this holiday season.
We shared them over at Hands On: We Grow.


  1. Those look great! Your girls sure worked hard on them.

  2. THese gift tags are a wonderful idea! The receiver will be sure to smile!

  3. Very cute - we were going to make Christmas cards this afternoon but may do a bunch of these instead!

  4. I need to keep this in mind for next year.

  5. What a great idea!!! I don't have tags yet and my daughter and I may be doing this in the next couple of days :)


  6. These are so pretty. These sure will brighten up the day for the receiver!

  7. Great to make your own gift tags.. which reminds me.. we need some!! ARGH!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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  9. Your girl have good art i wish she become artist one day.

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