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Friday, December 30, 2011

Easy New Year's Noise Makers & Party Crowns

New Year's Eve is almost here 
& that means the BIG COUNTDOWN!

It is essential to have lots & lots of noise at midnight.
The Hubby always buy a few noise makers but 
this year I thought it would be fun to make our own
Noise Makers & Party Hats Crowns.

I was determined to use what we have on hand -
I have lots and lots of crafty things squirreled around.

I came up with these simple shakers -
that were frugal, easy to make, fun to play with and BIG on sound!

Easy New Year's Noise Makers

What You Need:
2 plastic cups for each shaker
Note: We used clear cups but you can use any you have on hand. 
You could even use plastic eggs if you have them around!
tape - the sturdier the better
beans, beads, bells, buttons, pasta 
- look for anything that makes a good sound
I even used left over pasta wheels from Halloween!
foam stickers, paint or other decorative materials

What To Do:
1. Fill one of your cups about 1/3 to 1/2 way 
with your sound makers - beads, buttons, pasta, beans, etc.

2. Place the 2nd cup covering the top of the first. 
Tape all around to secure. 

3. Decorate as desired. 
The Lil Divas used foam stickers 
- super easy & they enjoyed coming up with a design all their own.

4. Shake, Shake, Shake & enjoy!

and no New Year's Celebration would be complete without an over the top
  Party Hat Crown

Being Lil Divas they of course had to have crowns -
ordinary party hats simply will not do around here!

 What We Did:
1. I found printable crown templates that they liked online
and cut them out of gold poster board.

2. The Lil Divas decorated the crowns using glittery foam stickers.

3. I cut strips from the gold poster board and taped them on.
Then I measured each cute lil head and taped the strips accordingly.

4. Proudly wear your New Year's Party Crowns! 

I hope you have a Noisy & Fun filled
New Year's Eve - I know we will!


Happy New Year!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate. The shakers are so pretty. I love that you used clear cups.

  2. Cute! We made party hats the other day. We have tons of toy instruments, so I wasn't planning to make noise makers, but we may just need to use some craft stuff up to make a few shakers!

  3. How wonderful!! I love both crafts. I am sure your daughters loved them as well. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday! Happy New Year!!

  4. The first template link is invalid. They don't want you linked straight to the pdf. You can probably link to this page instead?


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