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Friday, December 30, 2011

Easy New Year's Noise Makers & Party Crowns

New Year's Eve is almost here 
& that means the BIG COUNTDOWN!

It is essential to have lots & lots of noise at midnight.
The Hubby always buy a few noise makers but 
this year I thought it would be fun to make our own
Noise Makers & Party Hats Crowns.

I was determined to use what we have on hand -
I have lots and lots of crafty things squirreled around.

I came up with these simple shakers -
that were frugal, easy to make, fun to play with and BIG on sound!

Easy New Year's Noise Makers

What You Need:
2 plastic cups for each shaker
Note: We used clear cups but you can use any you have on hand. 
You could even use plastic eggs if you have them around!
tape - the sturdier the better
beans, beads, bells, buttons, pasta 
- look for anything that makes a good sound
I even used left over pasta wheels from Halloween!
foam stickers, paint or other decorative materials

What To Do:
1. Fill one of your cups about 1/3 to 1/2 way 
with your sound makers - beads, buttons, pasta, beans, etc.

2. Place the 2nd cup covering the top of the first. 
Tape all around to secure. 

3. Decorate as desired. 
The Lil Divas used foam stickers 
- super easy & they enjoyed coming up with a design all their own.

4. Shake, Shake, Shake & enjoy!

and no New Year's Celebration would be complete without an over the top
  Party Hat Crown

Being Lil Divas they of course had to have crowns -
ordinary party hats simply will not do around here!

 What We Did:
1. I found printable crown templates that they liked online
and cut them out of gold poster board.

2. The Lil Divas decorated the crowns using glittery foam stickers.

3. I cut strips from the gold poster board and taped them on.
Then I measured each cute lil head and taped the strips accordingly.

4. Proudly wear your New Year's Party Crowns! 

I hope you have a Noisy & Fun filled
New Year's Eve - I know we will!


Happy New Year!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate. The shakers are so pretty. I love that you used clear cups.

  2. Cute! We made party hats the other day. We have tons of toy instruments, so I wasn't planning to make noise makers, but we may just need to use some craft stuff up to make a few shakers!

  3. How wonderful!! I love both crafts. I am sure your daughters loved them as well. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday! Happy New Year!!

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