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Monday, October 10, 2011

Puffy Paint Handprint Ghost Magnets & Tissue Paper Ghosts for Halloween!

I couldn't hold off any longer on our Halloween fun!
The Lil Divas were begging for pumpkins, witches, bats, spiders and ghosts!

So I decided to put a few things on the back burner for now
& dive in to all the Halloween fun!

Puffy Paint Handprint Ghost Magnets

What You Need:
shaving cream
black foam
paint brush
black paint

What to Do:
1. Mix shaving cream and glue to create your puffy paint. I don't measure and honestly it's never come out wrong so this is pretty forgiving. I use more shaving cream than glue but I am generous with the glue so that it sticks well.

2. Let child paint their hand - be sure to encourage them to apply puffy paint generously!

3. Press onto the black foam and allow to dry a little but not completely.

3. Using a small brush add eyes and mouth

4. Add magnets to the back of each foam piece add dates, names, etc if desired.

5. Proudly Display!


Easy Tissue Paper Ghosts

What You Need:
tissue paper (used from gift wrap)
tissue (kleenex)
pipe cleaner
permanent marker

What To Do:

1. Make a ball out of the tissue/kleenex and cover it with the tissue paper pinching to make a head

2. Tie w/pipe cleaner and add eyes & mouth using permanent marker.

3. These little guys make great decorations!




  1. I really the puffy paint ghost! They are super cute.

  2. Those puffy paint ghosts are wonderful! Once the glue is mixed into the shaving cream, does it just dry puffy like that? I've never tried that before and I think my guys will love it. :)

    Mandi at BBM

  3. I love your blog, so I've awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out at

  4. What a fun idea to combine the puffy paint, hand prints and Halloween. They came out so cute!


  5. What adorable ghosts!! I love the foam ones!

    Always love seeing you on Kids Get Crafty!


  6. These are fun crafts. I just have to try these with me grandsons! Thanks for the ideas and simple directions. We will be surrounded by ghosts!

  7. These look great! I love your ghosts!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  8. Love the idea of homemade puffy paint. I can't wait to get my little man's hands dirty :) I also featured your puffy paint ghost on my friday favorites post and would love it if you came by and checked it out at


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