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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pre-K/K Halloween Theme: Ghosts Rocks & Learning Fun

Today we had some "ghostly fun" with rocks!

Check out our adorable Rock Ghosts:

These are SUPER EASY to make and are just the cutest little decorations to have around the house. I am hoping to make more Halloween themed rocks this week - pumpkins, monsters.... my mind is going!

What You Need:
fun ghostly shaped rock
white paint
black permanent marker or paint

What To Do:
1. Paint the rock white and allow to dry

2. Draw eyes and mouth using black permanent marker or paint

Seriously, that's it!
 Ridiculously Easy = PERFECT for Little Hands


Of course, I always have to sneak in some learning fun.

Ghostly Math Fun

Addition Practice:
Using one of our foam cubes the Lil Divas rolled the dice to get two numbers for their addition problem. I had some cute ghost erasers that they used as manipulatives to help with the addition/counting as needed.

Subtraction Practice:
For these, I provided the math problems on the ghosts and they used the ghosts erasers to practice simple subtraction.


Number Word Matching:
Using the same ghost templates I made a simple file folder matching game where the Oldest Diva had to turn over a ghost card, read the number word and match it to the correctly numbered ghost in the folder.

Ghost Counting & Number Recognition Practice:
The Littlest Diva practiced her number recognition using numbered ghost cards and our ghost erasers. 

Color Word Review:
Since I have been working with the Oldest Diva on her color sight words I thought this was a great opportunity to practice in a fun way with this simple file folder game I made. One one set of ghosts I wrote color words and the other set were colored in matching colors. The Oldest Diva had to flip a color word card, red the word and match it to the correctly colored ghost.


Next, we are delving into the fantastic world of spiders! :)



  1. EEK! So cute! I'm making these pronto!! :)

  2. Your ghosts are so cute! We love painting rocks. Such a tactile craft!

  3. How adorable. I would love for you to share this over on my mommy solution meme!

  4. JDaniel would love do this.

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  5. I love your ghost rock!! We have a few different ones out on our window sill. Jake painted pumpkins, ghosts, tomb stones, and a bat. He found this pointy bat wing shaped rock that was just asking to become a bat. Haha. Hey, thanks so much for linking this up to Monstrously Creative Saturday! :) It's so nice to have you linking up to my page for a change! Lol

    Mandi at BBM

  6. I like your painted rock! You really found a good shaped rock for this one!! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

  7. What fun ghostly learning activites! Love the rock ghosts - it would be so fun to have a huge assortment of characters like this. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again this week!

  8. love the numeracy activities with one to one matching - so cute with the ghosts! thanks for linking up to momstown arts and crafts.

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