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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Handprint Spiders, Marble Paint Webs & Learning Fun

I LOVE learning & crafting around the theme of Halloween!
There is just so much learning that can be snuck into fun activities.

Today we began talking about spiders.
The Lil Divas were surprised to learn that not all spiders are web spinners and that they are NOT insects. We compared spiders to insects to understand why and then had some fun crafting.

Marble Paint Web:

What You Need:
box or container
black construction paper
white paint

What To Do:
Prep: Cut a circle out of the black construction paper

1. Place construction paper circle in box with a few marbles.
2. Add a few drops of white paint.
3. Let child roll marbles all around box to create a web effect.

4. Put web aside and allow to dry while you move on to the Handprint Spider.

Handprint Spiders

What You Need:
white paper
black paint
wiggly eyes

What To Do:
1. Paint child's hand using black paint and press onto white paper with thumbs spread wide apart from other fingers.

2. Repeat with other hand, pressing firmly so that the two handprints touch.

3. Apply paint to child's fist (see photo below) and press on top of hands, in between thumbprints. This will be the spider's head and the thumbprints act as fangs. (LOVE it!)

4. Add wiggly eyes. The Oldest Diva decided her spider should have 8 since we learned most spiders have 8 eyes.

Isn't this a fabulous handprint spider -
incorporating what the Lil Divas learned about a spider's body parts!

Our web and spiders needed a bit of drying time.

To Complete The Craft:
1. Cut out the handprint spider. 
2. Attach a piece of yarn or string to the end of the spider.
3. Punch a hole near top of web and attach the other end of the string, leaving room to hang string (see picture below)

4. Hang to display your handprint spider & marble paint web. An adorable handmade decoration that is just perfect for Halloween.


Spider Themed Learning Fun

Today we focused on spider themed math fun.

I found this fab spider web printable from Hubbard's Cupboard that I used for various Number Recognition Activities. 

Activity #1: Number Recognition 10-20

What You Need:
plastic spiders (we used rings)
number cards (10-20)

What To Do:
1. Turn over a number card
2. Identify number
3. Put the correct number of spiders on the web

Activity #2 : Number 1-20 Writing Practice
Using this spider counting printable the Oldest Diva (Kindergartener) wrote all the missing numbers from 1 to 20.

Activity #3: Number Words 1 thru 10 & Spanish Counting

What You Need:
plastic spiders (we used rings)
number word cards (1-10)
sheet protector

What To Do:
1. Turn over a number card
2. Read the number word
3. Write the correct matching numeral (number writing practice)
4. Put the correct number of spiders on the web - while counting them out in spanish (see list below)
*This was a great way for me to gauge if she knew her numbers in spanish without just counting by rote - she did! I am so proud of her increased interest & desire to learn spanish - she is doing great.*

Spanish Numbers:
one - uno
two - dos
three - tres
four - cuatro
five - cinco
six - seis
seven - siete
eight - ocho
nine - nueve
ten - diez


Stay tuned for more spider crafts & learning fun!



  1. I love how you made those spider webs! I like how your older daughter put 8 eyes on. Very accurate! I finally opened a Twitter account and am following you on Twitter now!
    Vicky from

  2. I love the first idea, what awesome spiders!!! & the webs are terrific, using a box is a great idea so much easier to clean up...
    Thanks for sharing, I will have to try this with my little man when he is a bit older!

  3. That spider craft is fantastic!!! We'll have to make those! Wow!

  4. Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I really love your spider.

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    Mandi at BBM

  6. I love the splat bit of the craft! Messy fun that looks great!

    Thanks as always for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  7. I really like your hand print spiders with all the eyes! I have got to try this in the next week with my baby! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness. Hope you come back again tomorrow!

  8. You do so many fun learning activities! I have got to try this spider web with my girls. We just bought some marble last week (no we never had any before) and they are now one of the favorite toys. What fun they would have making art with them. I am going to feature this tomorrow on Monday Madness - thanks fot sharing!

  9. Cool! We just did some marble painting too, but used a frisbee instead of a box. thanks for sharing on momstown arts and crafts!


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