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Friday, September 2, 2011

My Name is Special - Preschool & Kindergarten Name Recognition Activities

This week we were working on our "All About Me" theme.

We started with the Lil Divas names: 

Tactile Name Fun
The Lil divas really enjoyed this activity. The had fun finding just the right objects to form the letters of their names and really took their time decorating. I think they did a fantastic job!

Tactile Name Recognition/Decorating Craft

What We Used 
(from my stash of goodies!):
small shape stickers
small pom pom balls
pipe cleaners
small buttons

I wrote each Lil Divas name on sentence strip paper (half)
& let them at it!

Don't these looks great!

Besides celebrating their names this was a great activity to practice fine motor skills,  dexterity and positioning. It was fun and interactive as they planned which objects to use for each letter. 

I will be using these to personalize/decorate their binders where we keep all the work we want to save!


I am working with the Littlest Diva to help her learn to recognize, spell & write her last name. To help with this I made a simple Name Puzzle File Folder Game.

What You Need:
File Folder
Sentence Strip Paper

What To Do:
1. I cut up cards for all the letters of her name (first & last) and wrote her full name out on a sentence strip.

2. To start I had the name in the folder and provided the first 2 letters. She had to follow the name strip and finish the name puzzle. 

2. It was fairly easy so we did it a few times with me changing up letter I provided.

3. Once she becomes comfortable spelling her last name (she can do her first name easily) I will eliminate the printed name card and let her do the name puzzle without any visual clues.

For the Oldest Diva I felt this was too easy. I made her one too (she doesn't like to be left out) but I wanted to challenge her a bit more (she still misspells her last name sometimes) so I made a few Missing Letter Name Puzzles where I added random letters of her name and she had to write in the missing letters to complete it.

To make it all reusable I put the puzzle sheets into sheet protectors and we used washable markers.

This was fun & just challenging enough for her.
What We Read:

Some other great name recognition activities we have worked on:
1. using letter tiles to spell names
2. stamping our name with alphabet stamps
3. using letter magnets to spell names
4. name hunt activities

A few great ways to practice name/letter writing:
1. write in shaving cream
2. write in a paint filled ziploc bag
3. use do-a-dot markers
4. painting names w/paint & paintbrushes or finger painting names
5. write on dry erase boards
6. write on magnetic erase boards (you can also use magnet letters to stamp on them!)

Great Ideas From Around the Web:
Name Books from Teach Preschool
Name Dig from Teach Preschool



  1. How very fun! Thanks for sharing with us. My own Princess is 3 and she loves stuff like this.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  2. Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

    What a wonderful list of ways to work on names! JDaniel and I are working on his name right now. I sing the letters with him.

  3. I love this! When I taught Pre-K, every student's name was on an index card and sitting in a pocket chart. First thing in the morning, they had to find their name and put it in a little basket in front of the chart. When we sat down for circle time, we played a game with the names! I was shocked to see how quickly they all learned their names! So smart!! :)

  4. I love the name idea! I may have to try it with some of the kids in my class :)

  5. I want a name plate like that!! How pretty and fun!

  6. i love this idea. right now my daugher writes her name in all capitals and stuggles with lower case writing. cute idea and good way to help learn lower case.

  7. I love the name puzzle idea! We're working on learning the letters in our name... and the Henke's book is a great go along :)

  8. Loved this idea! Thank you for sharing. It fits perfectly with our kindergarten needs. Easy to differentiate by giving the second name for those who need more of a challenge. I also color coded the letters: consonants in black and vowels in red; this will help to stretch the learners even more. An extension? I plan to encourage the learners who master their own name, to trade name puzzles with their classmates. Thank you!!

  9. My 4 year old granddaughter is so into crafts. She ask me every day to make something. I baby sit her. I have made her a container with art supplies to keep her busy. This would be fun for her and she has a long name.

  10. great ideas Bernadette! Love all the other ideas you listed at the end too! Pinning for future reference! :)

  11. Thank you for sharing this post with me on KBN. I featured it in my round up on letter learning today! I'm going to link it up to Sunday Showcase tomorrow!!

  12. So cute, I am always searching the web for fun ideas for my preschool class and I can't believe how many times my searches bring up your site with your two beautiful girls. They are very lucky to have such a creative and invested mommy! Keep up the good work!

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