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Thursday, September 15, 2011

ABC Fun A is for Apple: Torn Paper Art

Welcome to the beginning of our Apple Themed posts!

Autumn is the perfect time to explore apples and there are soooooo many things you can do. 

For my preschoolers ABC Book we worked on a fun
  Torn Paper Apple Craft:

* This is a great activity to help improve fine motor skills.  Children needs lots of opportunity to practice and develop those fine motor skills and this is a great way to sneak it in since kids usually find tearing paper fun. *

What You Need:
letter a cut out
red green and brown construction paper
yellow drawing paper 

What To Do:
1. tear the red green and brown construction paper into small pieces
2. glue the red construction paper onto the apple except for tip (save for stem)

3. glue brown torn paper pieces to remaining part of a to make stem
4. add a green shaped leaf to stem

5. glue onto yellow drawing paper
6. add black construction paper seeds 
(we made them a star shape to match the inside of an apple)

To review writing the Letters A and a
The Littlest Diva worked on an Aa Do-a-Dot page

and a Handwriting Practice Page -
this particular one was a tracing page. 

I will also have her practice writing the letter independently this week. These type of handwriting sheets are review for the Littlest Diva.  She knows how to form most of the letters of the alphabet. I am really focusing on proper letter formation with her at this point to ensure she is writing them correctly. I am also introducing her to using the lines on the paper. Before this we just focused on learning how to write the letter and I let her write freely not worrying about spacing or lines. Now that she knows the letters and is writing well, I am helping her to learn how to form them correctly on the lines and introducing the idea of proper spacing between letters and words.


Stay tuned for lots more apple fun!


  1. We did A last week. Love the apple craft!

  2. We worked on apples last week also! :) We created torn paper apple cores:

  3. I really like your apples! We are working with apples next week!

  4. This is a great activity. We're doing apples next week, I may have to borrow it.

  5. Fine motor skills are important but so are opportunities for freestyle art. Don't forget to give your children lots of art materials and let them make their own exciting creations!!!

  6. My girls love tearing paper and I know they would enjoy this activity. What a great fun way to sneak in fine motor work. Love it!
    Vicky @

  7. Turned out really pretty! I do love all the alphabet crafts - such a great way to really immerse yourself in letters and just "absorb" them subconsciously :-)

    Thank you for linking to kids get crafty!


  8. Love this craft! We're doing A right now and with all the apples this season it's a perfect week for it. This craft will be a big hit with my littlest guy! I would love it if you'd stop by my blog to say hi! Today I'm featuring an Autumn leaf craft that's fun for toddlers and big kids alike! You can also check out our Halloween Book Basket. Hope you're having an awesome day!

    Mandi at BBM

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