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Monday, August 22, 2011

Paper Plate Dinosaur Fun

I'm all about easy crafts that do not require too much fuss so I LOVE working with paper plates! The Lil Divas love to paint and it's so fun to create things out of something so ordinary.

Today, I am going to share our Paper Plate Dinosaurs with you.

Paper Plate Dinosaurs
What You Need:
2 paper plates
paint (colors of choosing)
wiggly eye
 black marker

What We Did:

1. The Lil Divas painted 2 large paper plates and we let them sit until dry. I let them choose their own colors so you see we eneded up with 1 pink dinosaur from the lil princess that LOVES all thing PINK! :)

2. Cut out the inner circle of the plate - careful to leave the outer edge in good condition.

3. Using the outer edge I cut a long neck and tail and using the inner circle I made some legs. This can be traced using a template and cut out by older children who can handle it.

4. Draw a nose & mouth and add wiggly eye.

5. The lil divas wanted to add spots so they each chose a 2nd paitn color and went to work.

 The Lil Divas finished paper plate dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Books We Read:


  1. Nice dinosaurs. We did a similar project using 1/2 of a plate and cutting zigzags:

  2. Oh their dinos turned out great! Love this idea! I'll have to help my little man make a dino when I teach him letter Dd.

    Jen :)

  3. adorable! my daughter would love the pink dinosaur!

  4. shared this on fb, twitter, and pinterest today.
    So fun!

  5. I love it! My little girl is into dinos and I was looking for an easy craft. I'm also having a paper plate craft link-up on my blog: I'd love if you would link this post up.


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