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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mom Confession: Ready, Set, First Day of School!

Yesterday was the 1st day of school for the Lil Divas - What a bittersweet moment for this Mama!

We started our day with a special French Toast breakfast (I LOVE making special panckaes & french toasts for occassions!)

I wanted the Lil Divas to be excited about going off to school. I wanted them to embrace this journey.

Yet, as I dropped my Oldest Diva off at her Kindergarten class for the 1st time I fought back tears.

As I watched her put her lunch box and backpack in their place, make her way to her seat and get right to work - I had a lump in my throat.

As I hugged her goodbye with a smile on my face & told her to have a great day - my heart broke into a million pieces.

As I took my last peek before heading out the door and saw her head bent over her coloring page, intent on her task - all I could see was her tiny face on the day she was born.

As I finally made my way to the car the tears won. I could not hold them back any longer. My baby girl is growing up so fast.

Thankfully, my husband was with me because I did not want my Littlest Diva to see me crying. We still had to drop her off at Preschool - how much can a Mom take in one morning? :)

As I walked through the doors of the preschool we have been part of for 4 years now - I couldn't help but think that this would be our last first day of preschool!

The Littlest Diva put away her bag, washed her hands, found her name on the attendance chart and sat right down to play with some play dough without missing a beat. 

She looked at me and her dad and informed us she wanted a kiss goodbye. 

My heart was now in 1 million and one pieces!

Where are my babies?   

It's hard for parents to see their children growing up. I know the Lil divas are still young (thankfully!) and we have lots of child rearing years ahead of us but today seemed like the end of one stage in their lives and the beginning of another.

It made me sad. The Lil Divas have left babyhood behind - they are big girls now. Whether I am ready for it or not!

Have your children started school yet? How was your first day?



  1. I am crying! My son starts preschool in a couple weeks. It's only two mornings a week this year and I am so sad. I will really miss him.
    I hope the second and third and subsequent days are better for you. I'm sure your girls will love school!

  2. We started school last Monday. The first day was rough, but it is getting better! We will be taking a few days off when the new baby comes :) I hope today went well for you! I am stopping by from the Hop!

  3. You have some stylin girls!! Love the owl outfit :)

    I'm homeschooling my girls, so they are still with me {for the moment!}

  4. They look adorable!

    We homeschool, so mine are both here. 6th and 7th grade this year!

  5. Looks like no tears were shed on their part which is great! Your oldest is going to LOVE kindergarten, especially since you have prepared her so well for it!
    My oldest starts first grade tomorrow and is more than ready for all day school. She even asked me if I could drop her off on the first day. (I told her no)!

  6. Ohhh your lil divas are just too cute. I had to hold back my tears knowing that I will be dropping my son off to Kindergarten too in a few weeks. What a cute outfit your youngest Diva wore. I love the idea of uniforms in school...I wish my son's school had uniforms.

  7. They look so cute- I hope it gets easier. We have 14 more days- don't they grow up so fast! I hope it gets easier for all of you!

  8. Your girls are so cute!! My Oldest had her first day of Kindergarten Monday too (hop on over and read about it if ya wanna! Lol) It really sucks how fast kids grow up =/ Boo!!

  9. I found you on MBC and I love your Blog! I love all the arts and crafts for kids. I have a 4 year old boy who will also be going to preschool. It's crazy how time flies! My babygirl is still little (18 mos) but I know soon enough she will be leaving me too :( I'm cherishing every moment! You're girls are so adorable!

  10. Such a sweet post! Can only imagine if both of mine had to start on the same day! We homeschool now, but remember that feeling when Big Bro started half day pre-k. Felt like crying when I had to drop him off. Hope that you and the lil' divas have a great school year!
    Hugs to you, Mama, as you get used to them at school! Guess you will have to make a few extra Starbucks stops! That is what I did while I got used to having mine at pre-k when he started.

  11. Thank you for linking this the the Back to School Traditions challenge. I think I will be shedding tears tomorrow when JDaniel starts preschool.

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