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Friday, July 29, 2011

ABC Fun: W is for Whale Spouting Water - Hands-on Learning & Crafts

It's been awhile since I've blogged one of our ABC Crafts
(summer has been so busy)
but this one was too cute not to share with you!
The Lil Divas really got a kick out of how it turned out.

First, we spent some time on the letter Ww.

Hands-on Letter Play:
I had the Little Divas construct the letter out of our: 

Wikki Stix Alphabet Fun Cards

our foam shapes from the fun intercative book:

How to Build an A

Note: The girls have loved working from this book since we bought it in December-
if you have a toddler and/or preschooler I highly recommend it!

and even some craft sticks at the Oldest Diva's insistance

Letter Recognition Fun:
We use these super & simple letter finding sheets from
The Lil Divas find the target letter (W&w)
and stamp them with our Do-A-Dot Rainbow Markers

Handwriting Practice:
Then, the Lil Divas worked on writing the letters W and w.

I had them finger write the letters W & w in water -
actually it was blue paint in a ziploc bag but they seriously LOVED this activity
and I did not get pictures :( my camera battery was dead!

We also used this simple handwriting sheet from First-School
to practice writing the letters. It coordinated with our theme perfectly.

Phonics Fun:
The Lil Divas sorted picture cards into Ww and Not Ww.
I found them on

The Craft: W is for Whale Spouting Water
This was a hybrid of our Ocean & Water Themed Fun the past few weeks.

What You Need:
white and blue cardstock or heavyweight construction paper
blue tissue paper strips
gray paint (we mixed black & white)
wiggly eyes

What We Did:
I used a block W template I had -
 I've had it forever so the original source is long forgotten but these are easily found online

Then I made a whale head & tale to fit the letter.
This is also easily done
(mine is far from perfect but if you need the template just ask & I will gladly share it)

The Lil Divas painted the W and the whale parts using gray paint & sponges

After allowing ample drying time -
cute out all pieces and glue to form a whale.

Note: ours painted papers did roll up a bit so
I put them between some heavy books and they were good as new

I let the Lil Divas decide where they wanted to put the head & tale pieces.

For the souting water I used blue tissue paper and we cut a few strips and glued it under the head so it looks like water was shooting out from the top of the spout. Cute!


Hope you enjoyed our Letter W craft!


  1. This is a Wonderful collection of W activities. I'm excited to learn about wiki sticks and the How to Build an A book....adding them both to my Amazon wishlist :)

  2. My son absolutely is obsessed with whales. It is almost up there with Thomas the train. We are so going to have to do this craft. I am also gonna put it on pintrest!

  3. This counts as an entry in the Summer Reading Challenge. Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

    I love all the ways you interacted with the letter W. The whales are so cute.

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