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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mr. Seahorse - Eric Carle Inspired Watercolor Seahorse Art for Little Hands

Mister Seahorse is another wonderful book (both visually & literally) by Eric Carle that we had yet to read. This one is all about the daddy caretakers of the sea.  

I had no idea there were so many - I learned quite a few new things from this book myself! This would be a wonderful addition to any Eric Carle study or Ocean/Under the Sea Theme - there is quite a bit if science to learn here and it would be a perfect springboard for  more detailed info or books. 

The Lil Divas loved the transparent overlays - it made for a fun interactive read as we explored the camouflaged overlay in search of the the various fish. We picked this up from the library but the Lil Divas are begging me to purchase our own copy - I think that says it all!

Our Craft - Watercolor Seahorse Art

One of the reasons Eric Carle books are so appealing to children is that they are visually stimulating. I love his use of color and I wanted to try and capture that in our art.

What You Need:
Seahorse template - my dad made ours but I found a printable one on making learning fun
blue construction paper (background)
white constuction paper (for spikes & fins)
watercolor paints
wiggly eye
black marker

What To Do:

1. Use watercolors to decorate the seahorse template - encourage the use of different colors and strokes


2. Once the seahorse is completely colored put aside to dry

3. On the blue paper you will make background - we opted to make squiggly lines and dots as in the book

4. Then we painted various lines on white paper to use for the spikes and a yellow square with orange lines for the fins. 

5. Glue the seahorse onto the bacrground paper.

6. Cut out 1 fin for each seahorse and various spikes in each color and glue them on as desired.

7. Add a wiggly eye (can also be drawn on) and a smile to finish the seahorse.

Behold your wonderful watercolor Eric Carle Seahorse!
These came out so lovely and they were so simple to create!

Are you working on Eric Carle related activities? I'd love to see - link up your posts below if you'd like to share. You can check out our other Eric Carle activities & crafts here ---> Eric Carle Theme

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  1. Very pretty! I love the way these turned out!

  2. Shaving cream writing?? Never heard such a thing. I do remember using shaving cream to spray on friends at the end of a school year in jr. high. That's the only time I was able to play with Dads shaving cream. But writing with it sounds fun too. As always Bernadette...always love your ways of teaching and your ideas

  3. Beautiful! What a lovely collage! Eric Carle rocks!

    Thanks again for linking! Love seeing your crafts!

    Maggy x

  4. Oh, these pictures are so pretty!

  5. How pretty! The colors you chose are very pretty.

    This counts as an entry in the July edition of Read.Explore.Learn.'s Summer Reading Challenge.

  6. ooh! I like this one even more! Watercolors are always a hit here at our home. Your finished products look so lovely, ethereal, and similar to the book illustration.

  7. Those are so pretty. You guys do so much work everyday. How do you have time for anything else? What a great mom you are. Thanks again for sharing at

  8. Stopping by from preschool corner...that is a great idea! I haven't heard of that eric carle book either, I will have to see if our library carries it!

    I'm book marking this page because I have been thinking of doing an eric carle unit!

  9. These seahorses really turned out lovely! I haven't read that Eric Carle book yet either. We'll definitely have to look for it next time we are at the library.


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