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Monday, June 20, 2011

L is for Ladybug: Fun Hands-on Learning Activities

We really had a wonderful time exploring and learning with Ladybugs!

We have shared some of our favorite  ladybug themed crafts with you (if you missed any just click the link for all the fun ideas) so today I wanted to share some of the fun, hands-on learning activities we worked on the last two weeks as well.

Ladybug Math

The Littlest Diva worked on number recognition and writing of #'s 1-10. I used the printable from Early Learning Activities but we used magnets for the spots instead of their dot cards - the Lil Divas LOVED using the magnets!

The Oldest Diva worked on some basic addition. I used the ladybug printable from Mathwire and we incorporated some small dry erase boards and dry erase markers into our math fun to write our simple addition problems. The Lil Diva got her math problem by turning over two number cards (we used #'s 1-10) and placing the corresponding number of magnets on each side of the ladybug and then adding them (counting) together to find her answer. She LOVED this.

Letter Recognition & Writing

For our ABC craft we made Thumbprint Ladybug Ll's

 What You Need:
1. Washable Stamp Pad -
we have the Melissa & Doug Washable Rainbow Stamp Pad - it comes off fingers and surfaces easily

2. Markers in choice colors (for drawing spots, legs & antenna)
3. White Paper

What To Do:

1. Have child use thumbprints to make the letters L and l - be sure to leave some space in between thumbprints so there is room to add legs and antenna.

2. Using markers add spots, legs and antenna to turn thumbprints into ladyubugs

Then, behold your cute Ladybug Ll's

They also practiced writing the letter L using handwriting sheets from First-School and Confessions of a Homeschooler who also has lots of other great L is for Ladybug printables you can check out.

We also worked on the Letter Ll Hunt from Beginning Reading - the Lil Divas used our Do-A-Dot Rainbow Markers to stamp the letter L and l on the sheet after they found them.

Phonemic Awareness - Words Beginning with /l/ Sound

We used these phonics sheets from Super Teacher Worksheets and Worksheet Place but we did not color the pictures - I had the Lil Divas put colored Bingo chips on any picture/word that started with the /l/ sound.

Then on a different day I used the same pictures but I had colored, laminated and cut them out and had the Lil Divas put them into 2 categories using our pocket chart. Word beginning with /l/ and words beginning with other sounds.

Science: We observed ladybug larvae turn into pink ladybugs (see full post here) using Insect Lore's Ladybug Land

Just for Fun: Ladybug Races (wind-up toys from $1 Spot at Target)

Up next, look for our Learning to Read Week #4 post and some great Eric Carle inspired art and activities this week.



  1. I found you through @Teach_Preschool on Twitter. You have a lovely blog that has so many great ideas! Your thumbprint ladybugs are adorable :)

  2. What wonderful ladybugs! I racing was fun!

  3. This looks fun! I can't wait to try it with the girls.

  4. Aaah very cute indeed! What lovely ladybug crafts... my son ADORES ladybirds (Sadly he tends to squish them) and I bet he would like to do the thumbprint ones... may just have a go with him tomorrow!

    Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  5. We painted ladybugs with our thumbs last week too :) Little one loves ladybugs!

  6. I always love all your lessons and activities...this one included.
    Marcia :)

  7. Great ideas! You're math activity looks like great fun... I think my daughters would really like it!

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