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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ABC Fun F is for Flower: Food, Crafts and Learning Fun

As our Flower theme comes to a close I want to share a few of  the things we did we this past week that I didn't get to post.

A cute lunch  made in honor of our flower theme:
PB&J sandwich in a flower shape (used a cookie cutter) and a  Fruit Flower - made from strawberry slices, blueberries & mandarin orange slices

 The Lil Divas worked on Do-a-Dot Letter f's courtesy of Confessions of a Homeschooler - the lil divas really like doing these.

We also worked on a Letter Ff Hunt page courtesy of Beginning Reading

Craft: Coffee Filter Flowers

What You Need:
coffee filters
watercolor paints

What To Do:
1. pre-cut the coffee filters into a flower shape by folding in half until you get a small slice - then cut the 2 sides so they represent a petal shape as seen below)

2. paint flowers using watercolors

3. flowers will be very wet - be careful not to rip and let dry fully before decorating

4. After flowers have dried you can apply sequins, jewels, etc if desired

Activity: Parts of a Flower
What You Need:
tissue paper in desired color for flower
green foam (stem)
green construction paper (leaves)
brown pipe cleaners (roots)
blue construction paper (background)

What To Do:
1. We made flowers using the tissue paper (a rose & sunflower)
2. we cut the brown pipe cleaner into pieces to look like roots, a stem from the green foam & leaves from the green construction paper and the lil divas assembled the flower
3. Then using word cards I had made they labeled the appropriate parts of the flower.

Seed Power - A Numbers Matching Game
What You Need:
Flower cut outs (I used a flower shaped notepad)
Number cut outs

What To Do:
1. With a marker color in seeds on each flower cut out for the desired numbers you would like to use. We used 1-20 (I am reviewing 1-10 for the lil Diva and 11-20 for the Oldest)

2. To Play: 
- I set out the number cards (1-20) in mixed up order and made a pile of the flowers (also mixed up)
- The Lil Divas took turns picking a flower and couting the seeds and then finding the correct number card.

It was an easy and fun way to review counting & number recognition

Hope you enjoyed our Flower/Garden Theme as much as we did! If you missed any of our activities just click the link to check out everything we did!



  1. I love your alphabet themes! I'm going to subscribe and pass your blog on to a friend who is just starting to homeschool her little guy. Great Job! Very creative!

  2. I love all your flowery activities! Looks like fun :)

  3. I am a brand new follower and I am excited to cruise your blog and find some great ideas for my 4 year old!!! Found you FMBT :)


  4. Love the lunch and the sequins! Fun theme!

  5. Looks like flowers are the order of the day! Most definitely beautiful and wonderful. Love your fruit flower!

    Thanks again for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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