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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two Daughter Familes are the Happiest!?

I recently came across an article via The Telegraph about a UK Survey that has been generating some buzz. Why? Basically the study stated that having two daughters makes for the most harmonious family life.

Researchers from conducted a survey of 2,116 parents of children aged 16 and under.
The study looked at families with twelve different combinations of children including everything from a brother and sister to four of the same sex. The study did not include only children.

Parents were asked to rank their children's behaviour based categories like ease of care, compatibility and overall behaviour. The two girl combination scored high in every category. According to the results of the study families with 2 daughters found that they are unlikely to fight, will play nicely and are generally a pleasure to be around. They are also 'easy to reason' with, 'helped around the house' and generally 'liked each other'. A few other conclucions were that two girls rarely annoy their parents, make limited noise, often confide in their parents and are unlikely to wind each other up or ignore each other. All these things add up to a happy and harmonious family life.

I have only been a mom of two girls for a limited time but I honestly laughed out loud when I read some of the findings of this study! THAT IS NOT WHAT IT"S LIKE IN MY 2 GIRL HOUSHOLD! :) Granted the survey was given to a limited pool of people but I am wondering if the scenario they paint is typical? My girls are loud, love to wind each other up, fight all the time and they rarely play nicely with each other for more than 5 minutes at a time and let's be brutally honest - they annoy me numerous times a day - usuallly due to all the fighting, loudness and working each other up they like to take part in on a daily basis. Maybe it's because they are still young and so close in age (15 months apart) - I can only hope that as they get older the findings presented in this study will ring true in my household. :)  I do have to admit though that behind all the fighting they do genuinely love and like each other and my husband and I both have an amazing bond with our girls.

A few more interesting results revealed by this study were that the second most satisfactory combination of children was one boy and one girl.  Parents with a child of each gender reported that they rarely argued over toys, belongings and who can have what.  These parents also reported that having one of each gender made it easier to reason with them, which made it easy for parents to sort out problems. The only downside reported of having a boy and a girl was a lack of shared interest as they grow up, which makes sense since they would most likely like different types of things.

The third easiest combination of children was two boys. Parents of two boys revealed they are often best friends throughout their childhood. The downside came as they grow up. The parents reported that the boys rarely confided in them as they grew up, which seems to be the oppostie of the two girl household.

One final thing I found interesting was that the study found that the more girls you have in a household, the more of a handful they become - even more than boys! This I can totally see. Parents with four girls turned out to be the least happy of all the parents surveyed.  One in four of parents with 4 girls admitted they were not 100 per cent happy with their lot - and one in three found it hard to cope on a daily basis.

After reading this article, I don't know if we have the best scenario in our household but I do know that I personally wouldn't want it any other way! :)

What do you think of the results of the survey compared with your own family?

(Information provided from an article written in


  1. I came to your blog via Social Saturday, and I'm your newest follower! Would love for you to come visit and follow me too :)

    Interesting article!! I have two girls too :)

  2. Nice blog! Gorgeous girls!


  3. I can't say I believe this really. I have a boy and a girl and they tend to get along really well. I mean siblings are siblings and they are going to fight no matter what.

    I really believe that it all depends on the children not the gender or the number.

    I think my job as a mother would be much easier if I had several children like my son than it would be with just one of my daughter. Again it's all in the personality.

    It also has to do with parenting style and the parents personality. What is the parent able to handle? Some parents may just be laid back and don't get annoyed as much as others do and so on... lol
    Sorry I am writing a book here!

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  5. Personally speaking, I believe ANY household with children is a HAPPY one!

    Myself, I don't have multiple children. I only have one boy, but I hope to add more to the mix (and from there, I should have a better opinion)!

    Nonetheless, I look forward to reading more about your "posh" divas. Newly following through Tara's Weekend Hop!

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  6. I don't want to step on any toes but I'll say this. I have two boys ages 7 and 3 and wouldn't trade them for the world! I've worked with many girls though and enjoyed them as well. The survey sounds a bit ridiculous (ok I stepped on some toes) but what do I know?

    Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

  7. LOL, Clay I agree but I found it interesting that they were trying to figure this out.

    Gillain - I feel exactly the same way. Kids make a home a happier place - no matter the sex or number.

    Mommatjoa - come write me a book anytime! You had great points. I do think that the more kids in the home - the more stressful and hectic it can be. That just makes sense - no survey required, lol!

    In all honesty - I think that the perfect mix is whichever one you are lucky enough to end up with. I know that I couldn't see my life with anything different than what I have & I'm sure most parents feel the same way.

  8. Hi, dropping by via the Say Hi Sunday blog hop :)

    As for the study, well, I'm the mama to two little boys so I hope I prove it wrong!

  9. I came across this study last week..I think on, and was really surprised by the results too. Not so much because I think girls are a handful or difficult, but the contrast between the 2 girl/4 girl combos. Two girls=best combo and 4=worst. Interesting stuff! I have 2 boys and a girl and my oldest and youngest LOVE each other, with my 3 year old playing the role of classic middle child. According to that study I have one of the worst combos! Thanks, too, for visiting my3littlebirds and leaving a sweet comment. Have a great Sunday.

  10. I don't trust these sort of polls. I'm always skeptical when any parent says things are perfect. Life is messy and kids are wonderful, but no exception.


  11. Beautiful Girls..
    Love the blog. I am a new follow from Say Hi Sunday. Would love a follow back

  12. Hi, I'm a new follower. I have two little girls as well. Can't wait to read more of your blog.


  13. I have two girls too, and love it! Mine are only 2 and 7 months old, and I'm hoping to not be done with having babies, so who knows what we'll end up with. Interesting article. I have to say. remembering what I was like as a teenager, I wonder if any of those families had 2 TEENAGE girls?? I'll bet those wouldn't have been the most content!! - Amy

  14. Hmmmmm.... Not really sure about this finding because I have seen so many happy mixed families.

    Who knows!!


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