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Monday, June 18, 2018

Bern's Bookcase: Save the Date Book Review

A contemporary YA/NA novel 
about familial relationships in all their complexity.

"How was it that you only fully realized what you had when it was gone? And I knew there would be new friends, new experiences, maybe even amazing adventures ahead of me. But I felt like I needed, for just a moment, to appreciate what I was - what we all were - leaving behind." 

Save the Date by Morgan Matson was such an enjoyable, comfy YA (Young Adult)/NA (New Adult) read. The Grant family was the kind of family we'd all want to be a part of. They were funny, imperfect, loving and so heartwarmingly real. It felt like I was in their house, part of the family and  amidst the chaos the entire time I was reading. 

The book's plot revolves around Linnie's wedding and the weekend of festivities which coincide with her  mom's final installment of her famed comic strip which was loosely based off the family. It's impossible to sum everything up that happens in that 1 tidy sentence. There was lots of family drama, & wedding mishaps along the way but what really grabbed me was the sibling relationships in the story. The main character Charlie's love for her brothers & sister and her utter devotion to the Grant family shine through so vividly. It was hard not to fall in love with this bunch. 

This was a perfect summer read - quick, light, funny & heartwarming. It does have some brief sexual content which is why I would rate this as NA - New Adult or older teens.  


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  10. Hey Morgan! 🌟 I am Johnny from amwarintl Pakistan, I Just finished reading your article about "Save the Date" and I couldn't resist dropping a comment to express how much I loved it! Seriously, your writing has this magical ability to draw readers into the world you've created, and with the Grant family, it felt like I was right there with them, experiencing every moment.


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