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Monday, July 7, 2014

20 FUN Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

We started a tradition of keeping a summer writing journal last year. Feel free to check out last year's writing prompts and download the FREE printable so you have even more story starters at your fingertips this summer.

This year's summer journal is more of a diary. I wanted to incorporate more free writing for the Lil Divas to allow them to formulate and express their thoughts and opinions. I have been encouraging them to write as a reflection of their day. I thought it would be a fun way to get them to practice writing and capture their favorite summer memories as well. The Lil Divas have been drawing and adding photos to their journal of our summer adventures as they write. This is definitely a summer journal we will treasure for years to come.

I still wanted the Lil Divas to work on some fun writing prompts over the summer as well so I came up with 20 (new) FUN Writing Prompts to use this summer. Here they are:

Download a Printable Copy of the above list here --> 
20 FUN Summer Writing Prompts for kids. 

You can use these writing prompts 2 ways:
1. Cut along the lines to separate the prompts and put them into a box/bowl/container. Have your child close their eyes and pick a piece of paper at random. 

2. Keep the papers intact and staple them into your child's writing journal. They can read all the available choices, choose which one they want to work on and cross it off when completed.

For another summer writing idea be sure to read about our Vacation Journal. It's a great way for your child to capture their vacation memories. 

Have fun writing!

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