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Friday, July 5, 2013

24 FUN Writing Prompts for Kids {Keeping a Summer Writing Journal}

The Lil Divas have a Summer Writing Journal. A few times a week I give them a writing prompt and let their creativity flow as they practice crucial writing skills.

Getting our writing journals together was super easy. I opted to use notebooks we had left over from the school year. To personalize them I simply put a white paper cover on the front for the Lil Divas to decorate as desired.

I stocked up on fun stickers from our local Dollar Tree and brainstormed some FUN Writing Prompts. I'm excited to share some of them with you. I made a quick printable list cut it up, folded them and placed them in an extra sand bucket I had on hand. It's super easy for the Lil Divas to randomly pick a piece of paper and get writing!

24 FUN Writing Prompts for Kids

1.   My Super Power 
2.   Yesterday...
3.   Write about a fun day at the beach.
4.   My Friend the Alien
5.   Cut out a picture from a magazine or newspaper and write a story about it.
6.   Write a name poem.
7.   If I Could Stay Up All Night I Would...
8.   Use stickers or paper to create a Pet Monster and write about it.
9.   I Am Proud of Myself Because...
10.  My Favorite Toy
11.  When I Grow Up, I Want To Be.....
12.  Imagine you could go anywhere! Write about the Great Adventure you would go on.
13.  Once Upon a Time....
14.  Draw a New Planet. Write about it. 
15.  Pick a book you have never read. Look at the pictures without reading it. Write what you think happens. Read the book. Where you right?
16.  You found a pair of magic shoes. Draw them. What do The Magic Shoes do?
17.  Draw a square. Turn it into a Robot. Write 5 sentences about your robot.
18.  Take a piece of paper and blot paint in the middle of it. Fold the paper in half. Press down on it. Open up your paper. What do you see? Write about it using descriptive words.
19.  If I had $100 I would......
20.  The Day I Was the Teacher
21.  The Best Present Ever
22.  Think of a toy you want. Write 5 reasons your parents should buy it for you.
23.  With the help of an adult research your favorite animal on the internet. Write 5 facts about it. Include a picture.
24.  Use stickers to create a scene. Write a story about it.

Feel free to download my printable list (it's no frills but it does the job!) to use with your kids. 

Have fun writing!


  1. I especially like using stickers to start a story because so many young girls are into stickers.

  2. Awesome - just got my 11 year old to go off and write. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. What a great idea! I've been doing some reading and math review, but I hadn't given much thought to writing. Thanks!


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