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Monday, March 11, 2013

Farm Fun: Udder Painting for Kids

Last week we explored The Farm at preschool. We enjoyed many activities including making dirt paint pigs, chalk paint roosters and milk paint cows. We had lots of farm animal small world play, animal card lacing, counting and sorting of farm animal toys and animal stamping and writing.

The kids' favorite activity by far was our version of Udder Painting. It was lots of squishy, messy fun.

Here's what you need to try udder painting:
latex gloves

You need one latex glove for each paint color you would like to use. Carefully prick a hole at the bottom of the fingertips of your glove. I used 4 fingers and left the thumb to help tie the glove together. In order to paint the children had to "milk the cow" - squeezing the paint out of the udders (glove).

I can not tell you how many giggles this activity caused. The children loved pretending to milk a cow as they painted. It was lots of sensory, squishy fun and a huge MESS!

This is not the kind of activity where you will end up with a particular finished product. It's all about the process.

We ended up with huge puddles of paint that took days to dry but it was definitely a fun and memorable experience for my preschoolers.

We also enjoyed lots of fun farm themed books over the course of our Farm Week.

Have fun udder painting!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for the books showcased. 


  1. I'm pinning this for our kids to do during our farm LP! Thanks! We've played w gloves b/4 but just water, not paint. LOVE IT!!!!


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